Check Out My New Podcast Interview! “If He Doesn’t Inspire You, You Gotta Get Your Heart Checked”

Exciting news for podcast fans! (And if you’re not a fan of podcasts yet, here’s a great reason to check one out!)

I’m a guest on the newest episode of “Fitness Disrupted!”

“Fitness Disrupted” is a brand new show from iHeartRadio, one of the biggest names in streaming music and podcasts. This is their first health- and wellness-themed podcast, and it’s hosted by my buddy Tom Holland. Tom’s goal with the show is to debunk fitness myths, and separate fact from fiction with various health and fitness experts. He also wants to feature the stories of people who have achieved success by making changes the right way, and not by buying into the latest fads, short-term fixes or gimmicks.

That’s where I came in. Tom asked me a few months ago if I would be a guest on his podcast, and of course I said yes! On the episode, I talk about how I lost 160 pounds and have kept it off for nearly a decade. I share tips for both weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Listeners can hear all the things that I learned on my own, so they can implement changes in their own life right now.

You can listen to my episode of “Fitness Disrupted” on whatever platform you use for podcasts. My episode is called “How He Lost 160 Pounds… And Kept It Off.” Or… you can listen by clicking RIGHT HERE!

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tom a number of times in the past. I think the world of him, and I know the feeling is mutual. I’m only the second guest to be interviewed on “Fitness Disrupted,” which is a huge honor. And I got a little misty-eyed when I heard Tom’s introduction to the episode for the first time earlier today – which he recorded separately from our actual interview – because, well, he gushed over me. And that feels great. The title of this post is actually a direct quote from Tom’s introduction!

Tom and I first met back in 2014, when we were both guests on a Bowflex webcast. Even though I chat with Tom a couple times a year, I only have one picture with him, and it’s from that day. Tom’s on the right, and our friends Rob and Brooke are also on the picture.

We’ve kept in touch since then, even though I hardly see him in person, since I’m in Michigan (and California before that), and Tom is based in Connecticut. When we do chat, it’s often for public consumption. Tom has featured me on his live Facebook show, and twice on his old radio show (here and here). Tom extended an invitation to interview me again for “Fitness Disrupted,” the next time I’m on the east coast, so I have to figure out a way to make that happen!

But, in the meantime, you have this episode of “Fitness Disrupted” to dig into. I hope you enjoy it. And if you’re visiting this website for the first time because of “Fitness Disrupted,” then WELCOME! I hope you poke around, and I hope you come back. You can always subscribe to receive new posts via email (at the top of the right-hand column), or follow on social: I’m @keepitupdavid on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keep it up, David!

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