Five Weekdays. Five Healthy Lunches, All Brought From Home.

It’s now been over two months since I’ve started my new job, and it’s been going great. This office job is a lot different than working from home, but, generally speaking, I’ve adapted to it well. I try to wake up early and exercise before work, but I’m better at that some weeks more than others. (And if I don’t do my workouts in the morning, I’ll do them after work, so they still get done.)

I’m much more consistent with my eating. I do well when I plan my meals, so I pack my next day’s lunch nearly every evening, and also plan out my breakfast, too. For breakfasts, I eat some fruit and some sort of protein, either a couple hard-boiled eggs, or some cottage cheese or yogurt. My commute to work is 20 minutes, and I always bring along a baggie of raw vegetables to eat along the way. I cut the veggies up the night before, at the same time that I pack my lunch.

My breakfasts are kinda boring, but they’re easy, and they suit me just fine. Between my workout, feeding and walking JJ, and then showering and getting ready for work, I don’t have time for anything more complicated.

But I do put a little more thought into my lunches. I thought I’d share a week’s worth of my brown-bag lunches. Here we go!


A big salad, with greens on the bottom, then baby cucumber, tomatoes, and crispy beet strips (from a bag) on top. The pouch on the left is cole slaw salad dressing that came from a salad kit. We buy a lot of salad kits, but I squirrel away the salad dressing pouches because they’re perfect for lunches, and we use other dressing when we eat the salad kits. I don’t use the entire pouch at lunchtime, but it’s so easy to throw in my lunchbox. Two hard-boiled eggs and a baggie of grapes rounded out my Monday lunch.


A little container of olive-flavored hummus in the center, and a baggie of broccoli and yellow squash on the left to dip into it. More grapes in the other baggie. The container on the right is leftover zucchini and tomato bake from a couple nights before. Check out the recipe here. This time around, I added ground beef to (literally) beef it up.


It looks like pasta salad, and it is. But most of the Tupperware is actually salad greens, topped with big wedges of tomatoes, and then one scoop of pasta salad on top. A salad kit pouch of poppyseed dressing, because all the greens at the bottom needed a little something-something. Plus, blueberries! The cup is iced tea, from the fountain machine at my work’s cafeteria. Iced tea is a frequent lunch beverage, but so is water and diet soda too.


Another day, another salad. This one is lettuce, green pepper, and a scoop of pre-made tuna salad from the deli counter at a grocery store called Johnny Pomodoro’s. I like this tuna salad because it’s not too creamy or loaded with mayonnaise. That’s why I brought along a salad dressing pouch! The baggie at the bottom is a mix of cheese cubes and pecans, and the Tupperware has blueberries and grapes.


After all those salads, it’s time for a sandwich! Corned beef and smoked Gouda on challah bread, with a little chipotle mayo. But I also made a salad, too – without lettuce. Just cucumber, zucchini, and radishes, with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Plus, two hard-boiled eggs and a peach, which wasn’t great – it was on the mealy side. I’m so glad fall is coming, because pears will be in season, and they’re one of my favorite fruits!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to Five Weekdays. Five Healthy Lunches, All Brought From Home.

  1. Alexis Garcia says:

    All these lunches look great, you’re mixing it up with so many different additions to the salads. Yum!

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