Podcast Alert: Listen To My Interview on “The Fat Guy Forum!”

I love podcasts. I subscribe to a couple dozen, and listen to them while I’m walking my dog, driving around town, and I make sure to load up on them for my road trips. So it really was an honor to be interviewed for a new weight loss themed podcast called “The Fat Guy Forum” – and I can’t wait for you to listen!

“The Fat Guy Forum” is hosted by Gormy, a guy I follow on Instagram, who has lost 300+ pounds on two separate occasions. His podcast features interviews with other inspiring men who have lost weight and turned their lives around, and the end result is interesting conversation, inspiring stories, and helpful information.

I recorded my interview with Gormy about a week and a half ago, and it was a thought-provoking, impactful experience. I share my story of how I met Richard Simmons, started losing the weight, and what I do now to keep it off.

You can find “The Fat Guy Forum” wherever you listen to podcasts, or, if you’re new to podcasts, you can listen on “The Fat Guy Forum” website by clicking HERE. I hope you enjoy – and spread the word!

If you’re here, on my site, because you heard me on “The Fat Guy Forum,” then WELCOME! I’m glad you stopped by. There’s lots to see and read, including an archive of my recipes, a photo gallery, a collection of my television appearances, and more. Don’t be shy about dropping me a line and saying hello, either!

Ok friends, I’m gotta start making dinner. (Burgers on the grill, no bun, and steamed broccoli.) But I have time for one more little cliffhanger – I’m going to be interviewed on another podcast, and that’s gonna be dropping soon – maybe next month! You won’t be able to avoid me!

Keep it up, David!


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