I Just Weighed Myself For The First Time In Seven Months, And I Learned Some Valuable Lessons

Check it out, it’s the return of my weight loss chart!

I last time I had my monthly weigh-in was on New Year’s Day. It wasn’t my intention to go so long without weighing in, but time just has a way of slipping through your fingers, doesn’t it? I honestly can’t remember what was happening on February 1st. I’m pretty sure I had taken my weight loss chart off the wall by March 1st, because I was preparing to move and in the throws of sorting, organizing and purging things from my Los Angeles home. The weight loss chart was one of the first things I removed from my wall, so I could carefully preserve it and not accidentally rip or snag it on everything else that I was moving around.

I was just finishing up my road trip on April 1st, so I didn’t weigh myself then, and even though I knew which box it was in, I never managed to unpack it once I settled into my home in Michigan.

It took a lot of trial and error figuring out the frequency at which I needed to do my weigh-ins. At first, when I was dropping the weight initially, I was weighing myself every morning. Seeing those smaller numbers was incredibly helpful. Once I started maintaining the loss, I switched to weekly weigh-ins, but that didn’t work for me. I ultimately settled on monthly weigh-ins. If I did it less frequently, I lost accountibility. If I did it more frequently, I would start to obsess about the numbers, and that wasn’t good for my mental health.

But, if I’m being honest, I’ve been enjoying the freedom that came with not weighing myself, and that’s why I haven’t weighed for the past few months. It’d be nice to get to a place where I didn’t bother with numbers and I could just feel when my body was up or down a few pounds so I could course correct – but I’m not there yet. And this seven-month weigh-in-free period that began because life got in the way and turned into an experiment of sorts proved it.

And I know that because I’ve gained 12 pounds since January. 

I’m not terribly upset or concerned about the 12 pounds, for a couple reasons.

  1. Average it out and I’ve gained less than two pounds per month. It’s not a runaway, uncontrollable weight gain. I clearly haven’t fallen off the wagon. But I do have, as my mother would say, “a case of the sneakies” – meaning that the weight has slowly been sneaking back on, and a rate that is rather imperceptible on a daily or even weekly basis.
  2. I’ve already begun turning the ship around. I actually was probably up more than 12 pounds a month or so ago, but I’ve been kicking butt and taking names for the past few weeks. My new job has done wonders for me – it’s built a lot of routine and structure into my day, and my health really thrives in that sort of environment, because I end up doing a lot more planning: packing lunches, planning breakfasts the night before, scheduling my workouts with the same level of importance as I would treat a doctor’s appointment, and being generally more busy, so I’m not dwelling on cravings or daydreaming about food.

I’m confident in my abilities. I know I’m on a roll right now, and I will keep it up.

In other chart-related news, I’ve been charting my weight for nine years. I’ve drawn it and redrawn my chart a couple times. This current version, which I think is version 3.0, dates back to January 2017. I remember, thinking, at the time, “Whoa! I’m not going to need to add a new page until summer 2019!” It seemed so far away. And here we are. I’ve just added a new page – my sixth.

This page will last me until April 2022. Whoa! That’s so far away!

By the way, if you’re interested in making your own old-school, pen-and-paper weight loss chart, check out my how-to guide!

It’s traditional that I also, in these monthly weigh-in reports, share a photo of my workout calendar, as proof that I’ve been exercising, but I’m changing that tradition. I will still continue to share my exercise-related updates, but I’m no longer doing to make a special calendar to photograph. It’s a few steps that I can cut out, now that my life is a little bit busier. So you’re going to have to trust me with my facts and figures. Lucky for you, I’m very honest!

I worked out 28 times in the month of July, and took three rest days. My ongoing goal is to complete six workouts a week, so this means I could’ve even taken another rest day. But I didn’t. Oh well.

I competed in two races in July – one I blogged about already, and one that’s on my to-be-blogged-about list. Three of my workouts were lifting weights – a number I’m perpetually trying to increase.

Lastly, my Cardio Miles. I log all the miles I traverse doing any and all sorts of cardio, and keep a running total. I hit an all-time monthly high in July, with 148.9 miles logged. Whoa! The number was so large because of all the biking I did while on vacation with my family at the beginning of the month, and also because I’ve been using my Schwinn Classic Cruiser exercise bike a whole lot, too. Biking is the most efficient way to crank my Cardio Miles up, and luckily for me, biking is a great workout, too!

My cumulative Cardio Miles count, after roughly six years, is 5,436.3 miles. That’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Even though I’ve been a little lax lately, I’m motivated and inspired by all the facts, figures, and charting that I compile on a monthly basis. I try to stay focused on the future – the decisions I’m going to make tomorrow and next week, and the races I want to compete in during the coming months – but my chart and my exercise progress reports are a clear indicator of where I’ve been, and what I’ve accomplished. And there’s a whole lot to be proud of.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to I Just Weighed Myself For The First Time In Seven Months, And I Learned Some Valuable Lessons

  1. Elizabeth Shelley says:

    God bless your perseverance, David. I read all your posts. You are amazing because you are honest and post your ups and downs. I, too, am up and down with weight loss, and have decided I obsess too much with the scale. I am going to go to once a month weigh-ins. FYI, my son lost 245 pounds 5ish years ago. It took him about 2 years. He is my hero, but a little too extreme for me in what he eats and how much he exercises. To each his own.

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