In The Midst of a Major Transition? Keep Your Health On Track With This One Rule

I’ve started my new job! My first day outfit:

It’s been going really well. The company and my colleagues are great. There’s a steeping learning curve, and weeks of training that I’ve only just begun, but I’m excited to show up, and interested in what I’m learning, and you can’t ask for more than that, can you?

But, like I discussed in a recent post, it is a big change. I’m going to an office instead of working from home, and my day is now more structured than it’s been in over five years.

I decided, before I even stepped foot in my new office building, that I would employ one rule to help get me through this transition:


There’s going to be a lot of new things happening, and I worry about making bad choices due to stress, lack of planning, or laziness. I don’t want to create bad habits that will be harder to break down the road. Nor do I want to lean on comfort foods or easy, unhealthy options when I know I have the ability to make better choices.

So, I’ve started doing two things to get this transition off on the right foot.

  1. I’m brown-bagging my lunch. My building has a beautiful cafeteria, but I’m going to avoid temptation as much as possible by bringing in my own lunch from home. I’m going to save money that way, too, which is nice, because I’m still a ways away from my first paycheck. I’m also packing my lunch the night before, so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning.
  2. I’m waking up early and exercising before work. I’ve honestly never been successful, for long periods of time, of exercising before work, so this is a real opportunity to make a change and start a new healthy habit. So far, so good! I’ve been waking up at 6:15, which gives me ample time to feed and walk JJ, and then have my own workout before it’s time to shower and dress for work. I’ve been successful four out of five days in my first week with this – I ended up hitting the snooze button too many times on that fifth day. But I still had time to get JJ’s day going, and I worked out that evening right after I got home and had dinner.

My office building actually has a fantastic gym in it, and I plan to start using it soon. I haven’t yet, because I wanted to take the first week to make sure I could adjust to earlier mornings – and make sure JJ got adjusted, too. Dogs are pretty adaptable, though, and JJ’s been an absolute champ.

The thing about this rule is that is requires some thought, and anticipation of where you might struggle as things shift in your life, but it really can be applied to so many situations apart from a new job. Moving to a new house? Start healthy habits. Beginning a new semester at school with different hours? Start healthy habits. Returning from a vacation? Healing from an injury? Adopting a new pet? Start healthy habits, start healthy habits, start healthy habits. Figure out a couple things – even if they’re small – and set yourself up for success!

I wanted to share a few more pictures before wrapping up this post. On Friday, my parents took me to a fancy dinner to celebrate my new job, at a very swanky restaurant called Aqua. We sat down at our table and were handed tablets that were loaded with the menu.

I don’t know about you, but at nice restaurants I like to order things I don’t ever make at home. We got some appetizers to share:

Pulpo ala Grille (octopus), which had crispy spicy peppers and slices of kiwi.

Artichoke hearts, with red peppers, olives, and cheese.

And a pork belly dish that I forgot to photograph.

For my entree, I had the Tamarind Duck Breast, which was artfully stacked on top of a slice of melt-in-your-mouth sweet potato.

My entree came with a side salad that I also failed to photograph, and I had one piece of bread from the bread basket. We skipped dessert. Everything we did order tasted so fresh and delicious. What a treat. Thanks mom and dad!

This meal was probably more calories than any other meal of the week, but that’s okay. It was on the calendar all week long, and I prepared for it that day by making smart choices at my other meals. Breakfast was watermelon, raspberries, cottage cheese and a hard-boiled egg, and lunch was a huge salad with about ten different vegetables in it. And, the morning after we went to Aqua, I headed out for a nice, challenging stair workout that was way more impactful than any workout in months. I’ll tell you why… in my next post.

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to In The Midst of a Major Transition? Keep Your Health On Track With This One Rule

  1. mfclingan says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on starting your new job. You looked quite dapper in your first day outfit!

    During the transition is the best time to start habits…it is so much more difficult to break a routine after it’s been set!

    Thank you for updating me on JJ….I was wondering how he was doing with the change from his human daddy being gone all day!!!

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