My Holiday Week On The West Coast (But Maybe Not The Coast You’re Thinking Of)

My family’s July 4th tradition is to meet up in St. Joseph, our favorite spot on the west coast… of Michigan. That’s the Lake Michigan coast, for the geographically challenged!

That pic was taken on a morning walk with JJ and my aunt Annie, who took the photo. We may or may not have been trespassing on private property in order to get to that particular part of the lakeshore. Actually, we may or may not have trespassed four days in a row!

I kept very active, in addition to the walks. I went on four great bike rides, totally nearly 56 miles.

And, on another day, I went kayaking with the family. My brother-in-law Justin and I shared a kayak, and we went further than anyone else – over 2.6 miles!

I even had one day during the week pegged to be a rest day, but on that day I walked 2 miles with JJ and played pickleball – my father’s favorite sport – at the park for about a half-hour.

In addition to all those workouts, we walked around town a lot: to the end of the pier, around the cute little downtown, and about 1.5 miles to and from our prime viewing spot on the bluff to watch the annual fireworks.

So… I kept moving, all week long. And that was a great thing, because my eating wasn’t so great. It started out great. We went out to eat on our first night there, and I ordered a chopped salad.

We went grocery shopping the next day, where I made sure to buy lots of vegetables for the house. I also found a unique type of fruit that I had never seen before: Pink Lemonade Blueberries!

They’re pink and yellow, so this variety of blueberries is well named. They’re also well named because they are a really pleasant mixture of sweet and tart. I really liked them!

I used some of the vegetables we bought to make a big salad that evening for all 12 of us. My sister grilled bratwursts, and I enjoyed mine without the bun, to cut out some calories and carbs.

We had a very nice, fancy dinner party at a hotel that evening to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary. I tried everything on the buffet – lots of salad and asparagus, a piece of beef and salmon, and a few potatoes (in the upper left).

I also had a piece of cake, but I forgot to photograph that.

You may remember that I already celebrated my parents’ golden anniversary with a grilled lobster meal, but that was just the three of us, and this event had a couple dozen people in attendance. My siblings and I made a scrapbook as a present for my folks, and my main contribution was a maze celebrating their milestone.

The next couple days really went off the rails. It seemed like the amount of junk food that was in the house exploded exponentially. All of a sudden there was donuts and pasties and cakes and pies. The potato chips and pretzels that I had avoided for the few days prior were all of a sudden in my hand, and then in my mouth, and then in my stomach.

I tried to start those two or three days in a healthy way (eggs and fruit), but by the mid-afternoon I found myself skipping the vegetables and digging into the chocolate-covered almonds. As much as I wanted to make healthy choices on this vacation, I couldn’t maintain that goal, and once I started straying from the path, I found myself straying straying further and further, until I couldn’t see the path at all.

The food tasted good, but I felt pretty lousy. So I buckled down and got myself back on track. On my last full day there, I returned to eating fruit and vegetables and lean proteins. We went out again that night, and I ordered a mango chicken wrap, and swapped the fries for green beans.

That sauce on the side was a mango chardonnay salad dressing, but I didn’t like it – too sweet. I swapped it for a little ranch that my friend Lauren had ordered.

I also had two onion rings that were ordered for the table. Here’s one of them.

Our annual St. Joe vacation is about a three-hour drive, and on the drive back, I munched on celery and radishes. We came back to an empty fridge, since we hadn’t been there in a week, so we got take out from a local Coney Island restaurant, which my dad picked up on the drive back. I had a Greek salad, with added gyro meat. It comes with pita bread, but I didn’t eat it.

Getting back on track feels so good!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to My Holiday Week On The West Coast (But Maybe Not The Coast You’re Thinking Of)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Glad you got yourself back on track with your eating. I know how easy it is to get into those munchies when they are around. David, it amazes me how you draw those mazes. Such a talent! Keep it up David!

  2. P Squared says:

    Hey David, ever since I came across your blog, I was inspired to do several things: (a) keep a log of what I eat, so that I can start being smarter about my food choices. I downloaded an app for that (b) Try and pack in regular exercises. Am currently using my iphone Health app to keep track of my activities but I’m going to buy a fitbit and (c) wrote a food blog post this week. Well, it’s a rather convoluted blog post, but hey, I tried. 😀 😀

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