I’m a Dog Walker, So I’m Getting PAID to Exercise! (This Post Includes An Excellent Coupon Code!)

My dog JJ is the love of my life.

But he’s not the only dog in my life. Check out all these cuties that I’ve been hanging out with lately!

I met all these canine friends because of my new job as a dog walker. It’s through a service called Wag!, which is kinda like Uber for dog walking. Dog owners can download an app and request a walk for later that day, a future day, or even ASAP.

Once the walker arrives and heads out with the dog, the owner can follow along on a map, see a video of their dog, and even learn when their dog has peed and pooped. Then, after the dog is back home, the owner gets a summary from the walker about how the walk went, and all the fun adventures that were had.

I began working for Wag! in Los Angeles, a couple months before I moved. There’s a lot of freedom – I can work when I want, for as long as I want.

Plus, I get to hang out with dogs, and Wag! basically pays me to exercise with a four-legged friend. If it’s an hour-long walk with an active dog, I can easily take them for 2.5 miles or longer, and half-hour walks can be, not surprisingly, about half that. Some walks, with older or more shy dogs, can be much less, but distance isn’t the important thing. I just focus on my client and make sure they have a great experience.

Happy dog = happy owner = potential repeat client!

Do you have a dog that needs an occasional (or regular) walk? (Wag! also offers sitting and boarding, too!) Wag! is available in most major cities and lots of smaller towns too. I have a promo code for new customers to get you started on Wag!

Download Wag! at the App Store or Google Play, or visit http://www.wagwalking.com, and use promo code DAVID00409. You’ll get $25 in FREE credits! Feel free to share this code far and wide to all the dog owners and lovers in your life!

(Since a 30-minute walk costs $20, that’s a free walk, plus some credits leftover! Oh, and those are zeros in the promo code, not the letter ‘O’.)


As for me, Wag! walking is a great way to get in some extra physical activity and meet lots of new doggies. I know I’ve logged well over 50 miles so far on my Wag! walks (but I don’t track the exact number), and I’ve met dozens of canine friends.

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to I’m a Dog Walker, So I’m Getting PAID to Exercise! (This Post Includes An Excellent Coupon Code!)

  1. mfclingan says:

    What a neat way to exercise and make a few dollars at the same time!!!

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