My New Exercise Bike Made the Move From California to Michigan

When I moved to Michigan, I didn’t bring tons of stuff. I sold a few things, tossed out a few things, and donated a heckuva lot to thrift stores. I didn’t bring any furniture – just clothes, books and knick-knacks, and kitchenwares. The biggest items that went on the moving truck were my exercise equipment. I’ll need to work out in Michigan!

That’s my Schwinn Classic Cruiser. It’s an exercise bike, but with some really fun features and qualities.

Eagle-eyed readers may remember that last year I made an appearance on the local news in Los Angeles, talking about this bike. It was incredibly fun. Watch this to jog your memory!

My Classic Cruiser is now in Michigan. I set it up in the basement, right next to my mom’s recumbent exercise bike.

But my friend Tavi took some pictures of me using my Classic Cruiser in California before I started on my road trip, so I’m using those pics in this post, too.

What I love about the Classic Cruiser is that it’s relatively simple and straightforward, without being intimidating. It’s styled to look like a retro Schwinn bicycle, and doesn’t have an electronic display at all. That’s because you use it with an app that you download to your smartphone or tablet, which is super easy to use.

You technically don’t even need the app. There’s a old-fashioned dial timer on the left handlebar, and a speedometer and odometer, too. But the app provides a couple basic workouts, like a timed workout (where you set a timer, and bike until it’s done), and an interval workout (where you alternate between 25 seconds of hard pedaling and 120 seconds of more moderate exertion).

And there’s a game, too! It’s reminiscent of the classic “Paperboy” arcade game, where you toss newspapers onto porches and try not to break windows. My high score is 15,448 points, which I reached in 10 minutes.

It’s an effective workout, which is probably the most important thing. There are seven levels of resistance. I use mine at level 5 or 6, and do intensive intervals at level 7.

I set up my bike on a Sunday and used it three times that week. My most recent workout was the interval workout, which takes just under 20 minutes. I pair most of Classic Cruiser workouts with some time spent on my Bowflex Max Trainer.

Bottom line: This bike looks good in your house. It’s comfortable, with a bike seat that’s wider than many (a good thing!), and it provides a great workout. You should visit the Schwinn Fitness website to learn more – they just kicked off their Summer Sale, so you can get free shipping!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to My New Exercise Bike Made the Move From California to Michigan

  1. Pat says:

    i spy…

  2. mfclingan says:

    Woohoo! And it’s red! I love the vintage look and the color!!! I may have to check one out someday soon!!!

  3. Richard N Renne says:

    HI I want to buy a schwinn retro exercise bike.

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