More Pictures From My All-Too-Brief Visit to Salt Lake City

There was a professional photographer at the OutClimb Cancer Challenge that I competed in last weekend, so this post starts with his pictures!

The race involved exiting the lobby, onto the sidewalk, in order to re-enter the building to start each climb, and the photographer was perched for much of the race just outside the stairwell door. So these pictures were taken seconds before I climbed a 24-story building.

You can read all about the race by clicking here. I’ve said so much about it already, I don’t really want to repeat myself!

I’m not sure when, during the 6-hour race, these were taken, but I’m wearing my first set of race clothes in all of them, so it’s gotta be in the first three hours, before I changed.

Getting sweatier!

I didn’t mention in my race recap that it was often drizzling during the race, and it even snowed for maybe 20 or 30 minutes. The rain actually felt good, and the snow was pretty magical.

I talked a lot in my last post about how I kept fueled during the race, but I forgot to include a picture. Here are the Gu Chews and Nuun electrolyte tabs that I consumed during the 6-hour race:

I ate three and a half of the packages of chews, and 3/4 of the electrolyte tabs.

My flight landed in Salt Lake City around 7:30 the night before, and I took the train downtown. I stopped at Harmons, a gorgeous grocery store two blocks from my hotel, and picked up dinner and a few things for race day. My dinner was a grab-and-go package of salmon, asparagus, and rice, which the guy behind the prepared food counter kindly heated for me. I scarfed that down and forgot to take a picture, but I did photograph the other part of my dinner: Ironman salad, which was kale based, with a variety of veggies, dried fruits, and seeds mixed in.

I also bought bananas, a protein shake and coconut water, which I consumed when I woke up, before the race, along with the Bobo’s Oat Bite that I brought with me, since Bobo’s has become a pre-race tradition for me.

After the race, me and my friend Leland went to lunch at a nearby place called Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen. I ordered the Florence Henderson sandwich, which had pesto, roasted red pepper, avocado, hummus, and other fantastic things. I had their Pulp Hash on the side, which was a mix of Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. I also ordered two turkey sausage patties on the side, because I was craving protein.

It hit the spot. Delicious!

I messed around on my phone for another 1/2 hour at the restaurant, and then it was time to go catch the train for the airport. I only spent a quick 22 hours in Utah, and 6 of those hours were spent racing in a stairwell!

I had bought one more thing at Harmons, that I saved for an airplane snack: a bag of Lupini beans, which I had never heard of before. Brami is the brand, but what’s inside is lightly pickled Lupini beans.

According to the back of the package, these beans have been around since ancient Roman times. Good for them! They taste like beans (surprise surprise), and I actually loved that they were soft and tender, thanks to the pickling, instead of crunchy. Sometimes I feel like a crunch, and sometimes I don’t! The chili lime flavor was present but not overpowering, and the entire bag only had 180 calories, 21g protein, 21g dietary fiber, and 3g fat. That’s a pretty healthy snack to me!

I also kept my tradition alive of drawing a maze on each of my flights, and leaving it behind for another passenger to find. I call them tray table mazes. This is the vacuum-themed maze I drew on the way to Salt Lake City…

…and here’s the salad-themed maze I drew on the way home:

I left both tucked inside the in-flight magazine. Hopefully someone will find them!

Speaking of mazes… how long has Diet Coke been printing a maze on napkins and distributing them to Delta Air Lines?

This is the first time I’ve seen this, but this was my first time flying Delta in years. I’m happy to see mazes being distributed so freely… but I think mine are better! Oh and just FYI… I solved this one in 9 seconds. I timed myself.

For more of my mazes, click here! For more Diet Coke mazes… f*** that, just check out mine!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to More Pictures From My All-Too-Brief Visit to Salt Lake City

  1. Karen Geninatti says:

    You had great race pictures! I wish there had been stairwell pictures, the only one I have in the stairwell is the one that Alberto took .

    Wish I could have been ready to go to lunch when you guys did, to talk about the race more. My plan was to shower, then walk to Molly and Ollies for lunch, but what actually happened is I took my shower and laid on the bed for several hours before we went to dinner

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