My Pre-Race Secret Weapon: Bobo’s Oat Bars

In my last post, I updated you on the five 5K and 10K races I’ve run since the beginning of the year. All of those races began early in the morning, and all those mornings began with a Bobo’s Oat Bar.

I’ve loved oatmeal all my life. There have been times when I started nearly every day with oatmeal. But on the morning of a race, when my alarm is already set for 5 or 6am (or sometimes earlier), the last thing I want to do is cook up some oatmeal on the stove. I don’t even have time to wait for the microwave.

So Bobo’s is a perfect solution: a wholesome, portable version of oatmeal, with all the health benefits, and it’s ready when I am.

Full disclosure: the kind folks at Bobo’s sent me an assortment of bars and flavors for me to sample, for free, but I get to say whatever I want about them.

A serving of an oat bar runs around 180 calories, with 7g fat, 3g protein, and 28g carbs. (These numbers may vary depending on flavor.) But you have to smart about these bars, because one bar is two servings.

I cut or break bars in half all the time. I fact, I have a small little leftovers container that’s dedicated to holding the other half of a broken bar.

Peach is my favorite flavor. And JJ’s curious whenever he hears me open a package of any kind!

The bars are thick, super dense, and not too sweet, which I like. They don’t go overboard with lots of things mixed in, but the flavors are nice. I’m a fan of Maple Pecan, Lemon Poppyseed, and Banana Chocolate Chip, but there’s about a dozen flavors total.

When you break a bar in half, the portion turns out to be pretty small, but it’s filling, and I don’t feel like I have a brick of food in my stomach weighing me down.

I’ll be honest: I pretty much only eat these in the mornings, before I exercise. They’re quick and easy to grab and eat, and I need the carbs for fuel anyway. They’re low in protein, so I pair it with a protein shake, which I often make with coconut water, for the electrolytes.

What I like even more than the full-size bars are the Oat Bites, which are smaller, with one bar equaling one serving. I don’t need to waste time cutting these in half! I shared a picture of the Oat Bites in a recent post about a hike to a waterfall:

Not pictured is the Apple Pie flavor, which is actually my favorite of the three that I’ve tried.

My friend Sean came to town a couple weekends ago, and he tried a variety of flavors, and he liked them too. He brought an Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bites on our hike in Griffith Park, and ate it with the Hollywood Sign in the distance.

Bobo’s recently launched a line of Toast’r Pastry, which go right in the toaster and come out golden brown and warm. These average around 300 calories each, and when they’re warm, I just want to keep eating more and more of them. While delicious, these are a little too dangerous for me to keep around. The Lemon Poppyseed with Blueberry jam in the middle is so good, though!

I’m going to continue eating the variety of bars that Bobo’s sent me, and then after that, I’m sticking to the Oat Bites. There’s six varieties, and having a single serving in a package is smart for my situation and my propensity to overeat.

Oh, and FYI, all of Bobo’s products are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten free.

I’m bringing a Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bites bar with me to Salt Lake City, to eat before my race this weekend!

To learn more about Bobo’s, check out their website. You can buy direct from them, or use their Store Locator to see where you can pick some up near you!

Keep it up, David!


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