December Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

I got back from my week in Colorado (which I talked about in four, count ’em, four posts) and, a few days later, it was time to weigh in! I update my weight loss chart every single month. Here’s what the whole thing looks like, after almost nine years of tracking…

…and here’s the close-up on my newest update:

Down a pound! I’m sure you can all relate to the idea that losing weight is so much harder that gaining weight, which is so freakin’ easy. So – shocker – I felt a little underwhelmed that I only lost a pound during November, because I felt like I was working very hard and making lots of good decisions.

But hey – a pound is a pound, and I’m not going to complain or be upset, because every little bit counts, and plus, I feel like I’m in a great place with my eating and exercise, and if I can continue to maintain my weight through the holidays or even lose another pound, than that will be a major win.

Moving on to exercise. Here’s my workout calendar for the month of November.

Let’s break it down:

  • 27 dots = 27 workouts
  • 3 rest days
  • 3 group fitness classes – the dots with a circle around them. Two were aerobics classes that my friend Anne teaches, and the third was my first spin class in a year or two, that I went to with my friends Dan and Juliana.
  • 5 weightlifting workouts – the dots with a “W.”

A pretty awesome month!

Lastly, let’s check out my Cardio Miles. I add up the distances I cover during all my workouts. For November, I added 85.2 miles to my total!

That brings my total, over the past five years, to… 4,648.7 miles! 5,000 miles is within striking distance!

Keep it up, David!


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