Fitting Into This Tuxedo Required Two Pairs of Spanx

I’ve wore a tuxedo twice in the past six weeks – a new record, considering I’ve worn a tux no more than five times in my entire life. This one had a velvet jacket!

I was a groomsman at my friend Sean’s wedding over the weekend, and those are two of the bridesmaids, Natalie and Danielle. The beautiful fall leaves are because it all happened in Michigan – my third weekend in a row traveling! (Check out my trips to Palm Springs and San Francisco.)

I’ve known Sean literally my entire life – we grew up next door to each other – so I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

It was a wonderful weekend and a beautiful, fun wedding. And since my parents have known Sean his entire life, they were invited too, and I haven’t been anywhere all dressed up with my parents in seven years.

Ready for some full disclosure? I wore two pairs of Spanx under my clothes – the first time ever I’ve doubled up on Spanx. The men’s version of Spanx are super tight undershirts, so I wore the tank top Spanx, with the v-neck Spanx over it.

I’ve only mentioned Spanx one other time on this blog – way back in 2011, when I was a guest on “The Jeff Probst Show,” but the truth is I wear them somewhat regularly. I don’t think Spanx make me look thinner, necessarily, but they do smooth things out. I have man boobs and fat rolls around my mid-section, and Spanx hide the bumps and valleys. They provide a boost of confidence and make me feel good.

I don’t wear Spanx on a daily basis, but I wear them whenever I feel the need to dress up or look my very best – which is honestly only a couple times a month. I also have a performance pair, which has some mesh panels like athletic clothes often have, that I wear when I race. They hold everything in place, like a sports bra does.

I chose to double up for the wedding because the jacket was “European cut” – fancy language for slim-fitting. The back and shoulders fit great, but man oh man did it get slim around the waist, right where my body gets wider. I honestly don’t know if wearing the extra pair made a bit of difference, but I felt great, and the pictures speak for themselves!

The weekend included three wedding-related meals: the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and a brunch the next day for out-of-town guests. I enjoyed myself at all three, and balanced the indulgences with healthy choices. I skipped the bread basket every time, and the potatoes both times they were served, but enjoyed a little ice cream sundae at the rehearsal dinner and a mini-cupcake at the wedding.

I also decided, before I even got on the plane, that I was going to drink during the wedding reception – only the second time I’ve drunk alcohol in 2018, after the wedding in September where I was also a handsome groomsman in a tux.

I had my first drink at around 4pm, with the other groomsmen as we got ready together, and had approximately five more between then and 10pm. They served mini mixed cocktails in tiny liquor bottles at the wedding, which was super cute and made me look even more like a giant than I normally do!

That’s Steve, a buddy since 6th grade who is also JJ’s veterinarian!

I also got some exercise during the trip. I danced for a couple hours at the wedding, and went on two nice long walks with my father – one was 2.9 miles, and the other was 3.5. Mixing exercise with quality family time is the best!

Finally, I continued my tradition, on both flights, of making a maze and leaving it behind for the next passenger, tucked in the seat pocket. It’s a fun way to pass the time on the long flight, and I like the idea of surprising someone when they aren’t expecting it.

One maze’s objective was to find your suitcase…

…and the other was inspired by the ice cream sundae I had at the rehearsal dinner (although the drawing is of a much larger sundae than I ate):

You can find lots of mazes that you can buy (for only a couple bucks!), download, and print at my Etsy shop!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to Fitting Into This Tuxedo Required Two Pairs of Spanx

  1. mfclingan says:

    You looked great! And kudos for making the choices that allowed you to stay on course but also love a little!!! That’s what this journey of healthy living is all about!!!

  2. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Looking good! I guess I may have to get married for you to ever drink some alcohol with me, assuming you’d agree to be in my wedding.

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