Indulge Me While I Toot My Own Horn – ONE MILLION TIMES!

On Sunday, this wee little health, weight loss, and fitness blog hit a pretty big milestone: I had my ONE MILLIONTH PAGE VIEW!

I tried to get a screengrab from my stats page as close to one million as possible, and got close! It’s pretty cool to think that people have visited and read what I’ve had to say one million times. From the get-go, this blog has always been a primary way that keep myself accountable, and I continue to be humbled and flattered by knowing that what I share resonates with so many readers. Thank you all for stopping by – and I hope you continue to stop by moving forward!

In other exciting news, this site has been named one of “The Top Five Tower Running Websites You Need to Visit!” I was given this honor by Tower Running UK, a British site dedicated to providing news and training information for stair running events across the globe.

Read the article here!

They say some really nice things about me and this website in their article, and I really feel honored to be included. All the other websites on the list are written by much faster, more accomplished athletes – some of the fastest people in the US – and for them to include a guy that never wins these races (or even comes close) is a big deal. It’s also pretty sweet realizing that I know, personally, all the other authors on the list, and have raced alongside all of them many times.

I’m thrilled that my contributions to promoting this sport are being recognized. Most of my tower running posts are race recaps, all of which are archived here. And my very popular “Stair Training 101” post can be found here.

Lastly, if you’ve been missing the sound of my voice, you’re in luck. Tomorrow (November 1st), the folks behind “Missing Richard Simmons,” the blockbuster podcast that I was featured on a couple years ago, are releasing a new installment – and it’s a follow-up with many of the people that were featured on the original series.

I was interviewed for this episode a couple weeks ago, so hopefully I’ll be included and won’t be left on the editing room floor. But who knows! You’ll be able to find it wherever you listen to podcasts, and I’m sure they’ll post it on their website, too, where you can also listen to all six of the original installments.

I blogged a lot about this podcast when it was first released in early 2017. You can read what I have to say here, here, here and here.

What an exciting week!

Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to Indulge Me While I Toot My Own Horn – ONE MILLION TIMES!

  1. Mom says:

    WOW!! exciting that your blog made the UK magazine!
    Way to go, David!

  2. Mom says:

    Well, over a million views is also pretty awesome 🙂

  3. Just listened to you on the podcast (before I caught up on my daily blog reading). You were awesome and I loved to hear your story. My story with Richard is so similar to what people are feeling now. I felt hurt years ago by something that happened and I never wanted other people to feel that way. I hate that so many people who love and care about him now are in the same boat as me.

    And I agree with Dan that you are doing so much better than ok. You are kicking ass and are an inspiration for so many people! I feel so lucky that I have you as an example of what is possible and hopefully one day I can be as much of a success story as you are!

  4. Megan says:

    Congratulations! I visit frequently (and sometimes read from the archives for 30-60 minutes when I am in need of inspiration). There are many useful weight loss blogs. There is no one as honest and helpful (and fun) as you who writes about weight loss maintenance as part of a thoughtful and meaningful life.

  5. mfclingan says:

    Congrats!!!!! That is indeed a huge milestone! It made me go look at my stats. I recently hit 2000 posts…which I though was impressive at the time. But I am nowhere near a million views (halfway there)

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