Photo Barrage: 24 Hours in Palm Springs!

I spent a very healthy 24 hours in Palm Springs, when I competed in the Tram Road Challenge, and I documented most of what I did and what I ate with my camera. Here comes the photos!

I drove out and met my friend Jeff near the center of town, where we picked up our bibs for the race the next morning, and then wandered a little bit. We stopped at Tutti Frutti, a store that sells frozen yogurt, smoothies, and juices, and I ordered their V9, a vegetable juice blend with celery, beets, greens and other stuff. No added sugars, sweeteners or fillers: just veggies, juiced in front of my own eyes, in a cup.

From there we walked down the block to Ruddy’s General Store Museum.

This place is awesome. For $1 admission, you gain entry into a small museum housing actual general store products from the 1800s thru 1945. It was the private collection of one guy who donated it to the city before he passed.

There’s a pharmacy section, filled with liniments and ointments, a whole lot of laxatives, and cosmetics, too.

The grocery section has everything from canned food to tins of marshmallows and potato chips. Everything is authentic, no recreations. I love seeing and learning about how people lived in other eras! One of my favorite items was this ad for Shredded Wheat, with its dubious slogan:

It’s a one-room museum, and a great way to spend 20 or 30 minutes. If you’re in Palm Springs, go!

We swung by Jeff’s house. I was staying with Jeff and his girlfriend Jenny that night, and we picked up a few things and hung out with his cats. They have seven (four of whom are in this picture), and often foster even more!

We had dinner that night at Lulu’s, a restaurant in the heart of town. They had a three-course mix and match menu, and I made some healthy choices, since I would be racing early the next day. And who am I kidding? I try to make healthy choices at restaurants each and every time.

Course 1: Salad. I pulled the wontons off and didn’t eat them.

Course 2: Pork chop, with a maple and baked apple glaze. It came with potatoes and veggies, and I asked them to hold the potatoes and give me double veggies instead.

It was delicious, and I used 2 small pieces of bread from the bread basket to sop up that maple gravy.

Course 3: Fresh seasonal fruit, in a bowl. I forgot to photograph it, but you can picture what fruit looks like.

We turned in early that evening, since our alarms would be going off at 5:15am for the race.

The morning of the race, I had my typical race pre-race breakfast of a protein shake (made with coconut water) and two bananas. This gives me protein, lots of potassium, and natural sugars that I can burn during the race. You’ll have to imagine that photo too.

I also ate a GU Energy Gel minutes before my race for some more energy and caffeine.

After the race I ate a Gatorade Protein Bar, which was given away at the expo. It had 220 calories and was dense and very filling. Hit the spot after an hour of running uphill!

You think that an hour-long uphill race would be enough exercise for the day, but nope! Jeff and I headed to a nearby trailhead called the North Lykken Trail. We arrived and looked at the mountainside and asked where the trail was, because I sure as hell didn’t see it!

But it was there, narrow, between the rocks, with lots of switchbacks and very steep terrain. It wasn’t a long hike – less than a mile – but we scaled nearly 500 feet in vertical gain, and made it to some spectacular viewpoints to see the city below.

The Tram Road, that we had raced up, is in the distance:

After our hike, we swung by Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Hideaway, which was also in the area, where he went with Priscilla after they were married.

It’s a gorgeous example of mid-century modern design, with the focal point of the front of the house being the circular bedroom windows.

You can take a tour of this house, if you wanted to shell out $16, but we were there before the tours began that day, and weren’t interested enough to go back.

We went back to Jeff’s and showered after all that exercise, and Jeff, Jenny and I went to Smokin’ Burgers Lounge for lunch, where I ordered a Caesar Salad with Salmon, dressing on the side.

From there, I pretty much headed back to LA! It was a quick trip, but a full and active one, with healthy choices made throughout – just the way I like to travel!

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to Photo Barrage: 24 Hours in Palm Springs!

  1. Alexis Garcia says:

    You packed a lot into 24 hours, looks like fun. The general store looks great.

  2. Jeff Dinkin says:

    That was a very fun 24 hours! Glad you made the trip out again this year. 2019?

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