September Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

Hello there! This is my monthly dive into the facts and figures of my healthy efforts. Normally I start with my weight loss chart, but this time around I’m going to save that for later and start with my workout calendar. Check it out:

Every dot represents a workout, and as you can see, most days in August have a dot. In fact, there’s only two rest days – the 12th and the 19th.

A vast majority of those dots are long walks. My LASIK surgery happened at the very end of July, and I had to take a four-week break from exercise while my eyes healed. Walking was permitted. So I walked every day. I even walked a 5k + stair race, instead of running it, because I wanted to participate but didn’t want to violate my doctor’s orders. (That race was on the 11th, hence the little ‘R’ on that day, and the course was all hills, and even walking it was exhausting, which is why the 12th was a rest day.)

My four weeks of break ended on August 28, and on that very day I started doing more than walking. After my off-season break ended earlier in the summer, I embarked on a very calculated return to exercise. I eased myself back into the swing of things by doing only two more challenging workouts a week at first, and then slowly upping that number. I don’t have the patience for all that this time around.

Instead of easing myself in, I’m going for it, and listening to my body. On August 28th, my first day of exercise, I climbed 102 stories in a downtown skyscraper. The next day (August 29th), I took my friend Anne’s challenging aerobics class. (The circle around the dot on that day signifies a group fitness class.)  On the 30th, I used my Bowflex Max Trainer and lifted weights using my SelectTech dumbbells. When I woke up on the 31st, after three days of more intensive exercise, I was feeling pretty sore. So I dialed it back, and just did 15 minutes of Max Trainer followed by a long walk.

And that’s how I plan to continue. Push myself to work hard and get stronger, but step back for a day or two if I need it.

A month’s worth of walking means I had a pretty impressive month for my Cardio Miles count. I track the distance I cover while I exercise, whether it’s walking, running, biking, swimming, whatever, and keep a running total. At the beginning of August, my cumulative total was 4,250.7 miles. And at the end of the month, it was…

…4,326.1 miles. I walked 75.4 miles during the month of August! And that’s a conservative estimate. On August 21st, I brought home JJ, the doggie I rescued. He’s still a puppy (around 9 months old), so I’ve been talking him outside for walks 4-6 times a day. There’s been a few accidents, but he’s doing very well with the housebreaking process. Our standard walk is a 1/2-mile. Because the major streets in my part of Los Angeles are placed exactly 1/2-mile apart, I figured out, quite easily, without GPS or navigation tools, seven or eight routes that are each a half-mile. The only exception is the last walk of the night, where I basically take JJ out for one quick pee before bedtime, and the only distance we cover is the few feet from the door to the closest patch of grass.

For the most part, our 1/2-mile walks aren’t counted on my Cardio Miles chart. I only count the longer walks where we cover a mile or two, or if we go on a hike that’s even longer than that. So given that JJ and I may walk two miles (or more) in a day, my total miles for the month may actually be somewhere between 85 and 90!

All that walking really paid off. As did my more concerted efforts to eat better and not stray with my food. Wanna see my weight loss chart update?

Down three pounds. BOOM! I gotta keep this going! As much as I say I try not to focus on the number, it still does feel good to draw a downward-sloping line.

Here’s my entire chart:

We’re a few days into September, and the healthy habits have continued. I celebrated Labor Day by staying on top of things: I met my friend Madeleine for a wonderful, unique workout, and then brought a healthy dish to a backyard BBQ – and I’ll be sharing details of everything in upcoming posts!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to September Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

  1. mfclingan says:

    I love your ongoing weigh loss chart!!!!! I see yours and I tell myself that I need to do one!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Congrats on the downward trend!

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