Try Looking For Inspiration Away From The Scale!

Time for a little bedtime reading.

Hey! That’s Me! In the new issue of Guide to Weight Management, on pages 16 and 17! There’s an article about me, called “Try Looking For Inspiration Away From The Scale!” Here’s what the cover looks like:

I was interviewed by Amy Capetta for this way back in January, and now the issue is out! It’s a free publication that’s sent around to doctors offices, medical centers, hospitals, and places like that. So keep your eyes open the next time you have an appointment, there might be a stack of them lying around!

It’s a great article, where I share my story and some tips for anyone trying to lose weight.

That font size is a little small, but don’t worry, I have you covered. The entire article, every word of it, is below. You don’t have to go anywhere to read it – just keep reading here!

Oh, and one more random connection – Health Monitor, the publisher of the magazine, had all the articles reviewed by AACE, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists – the very same professional group that my father was a part of for decades. He even served on the board for a while!

The article is below. I’m proud to be part of a publication that’s only goal is to inspire people who are trying to improve their lives. That’s reason enough to say…

…Keep it up, David!

Here’s the article:

“Try Looking for Inspiration Away From the Scale!” by Amy Capetta
David Garcia, Los Angeles

“One of my favorite things to do is tower running, a sport where I race up the stairwell in skyscrapers—I’ll run up 100 stories at a time. I have done 52 of these races in 19 cities across the U.S., and last March I raced up the Eiffel Tower—only 129 athletes from around the world are selected to compete in this event!” says David, who used to weigh 402 pounds.

The 39-year-old had been overweight his entire life and recalls being on diets as early as elementary school. Once he reached adulthood, he tried nearly every plan—liquid diets, no-carb diets, vegetarian diets, and programs from popular weight-loss chains— but nothing worked. “I was in my early 30s and I had resigned myself to the idea that I’d always be 400 pounds. No matter how happy I was in other areas of my life—I have a good career, I have a great family, I have friends— I thought this was something that I wouldn’t be able to overcome.”

Then in 2010, an encounter with Richard Simmons changed his life. “He suggested I write down everything I ate. He started keeping me accountable, which is something I never really had.” The weight-loss guru encouraged David to make healthier choices, and the number on the scale began to decline. In a little over one year, David lost 160 pounds and has kept it off ever since.

David’s top tips:

Make adjustments that work with your lifestyle. Changes need to be realistic for long-term success, he says. “For example, if you decide to join a gym but the gym is on the other side of town, you may begin to find excuses to skip your workouts.” In this case, he advises choosing a gym that’s either near your home or on your commute to work. “If going to the gym isn’t for you, find activities you’re already doing and increase them,” he adds. “If you have a dog, bump up walking your dog from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.”

Plan your meals as much as possible. When David started this process, he was working long hours at a job that served junk food. His solution: Taking lunch and dinner to the office. “This also helped me not be tempted by the one dozen drive-thrus on my way home,” he says. When you know you’ll be dining out, review the menu online beforehand to avoid being bombarded by numerous options. “The goal is to have a game plan to avoid moments when you’re ravenously hungry and end up making choices you don’t want to make.”

Indulge in healthier cravings. These days, when David finds himself craving something salty or sweet, he’ll find a way to satisfy it that won’t steer him off track. “Instead of peanut butter cups, I’ll have a handful of nuts because it has the elements that satisfy the craving, yet I’m not consuming tons of excess sugar,” he says. Instead of movie theater popcorn, he’ll eat a serving of Skinny Pop popcorn. “And sometimes I’ll sleep on it,” he adds. “If the craving is still there the next day, then I’ll deal with it.”

Find sources of motivation aside from the scale. “I urge people to find something besides watching the scale go down to keep you motivated—because plateaus will happen,” stresses David, who shares other tips on He suggests focusing on your newfound feelings of pride, accomplishment and confidence. “I embrace the notion that I finally have control over my life and my health—and that’s a feeling I never get tired of!”


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  1. G.M. Grena says:

    Thanks for sharing more great advice, & congratulations on more, well-deserved publicity!

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