Trying New Things Week: Spices and Worldly Goods

How good does this cauliflower steak look?

Spoiler alert: it tastes good too! The spice mix I used on it is new-to-me, and it’s the kick-off to a whole week of experiments.

I love trying new things, and because of my recent re-commitment to super healthy eating, I’m trying a lot of new things. I don’t want to get bored, fall into a rut, or, most importantly, stray to junk food and empty calories. So the rest of my posts this week will all be reports on new things I’ve tried. Most will be food related, since I’m limited to only walking this month, but I may throw in an exercise-related tidbit here or there.

Today focus will be a couple items found at specific retailers.

Back to the cauliflower. I cut a head of cauliflower into two thick slices, and what was left sort of easily separated into florets. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil on everything, not more than 1.5 tablespoons, and coated them with a Smoky Paprika seasoning mix from Sur La Table.

This was a surprise waiting for me in the back of my cupboard. I bought this at a Sur La Table store on my Thanksgiving trip to Colorado last November, shoved it in the back of my cupboard, and forgot about it. And then I recently found it and it was like a present! From me!

It really is just a spice blend, so it doesn’t add any calories, fat, protein, or carbs. And it’s a simple, tasty way to liven up roasted veggies.

I bought another variety, too: Manchego and Roasted Garlic.

(Manchego is a kind of Spanish cheese.)

Even though this is recommended for cauliflower, too, I used it on cabbage steaks. (Check out my recipe here.) Added a blast of flavor in no time!

There’s a third variety that I bought and haven’t used yet, but I will soon. Stay tuned. Herbs and spices are a fun, easy, and guilt-free way to change things up, and I look forward to using these on a variety of vegetables. After all, you can roast pretty much anything.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today was Cost Plus World Market. A new one opened in my area, and I checked it out while running other errands. I had never been in one before, and I didn’t have tons of time, but I scanned some of it. I don’t need home decor or furniture, but I saw they have a gourmet and international foods section, so that’s where I spent the little time I had.

I ended up making a few purchases:

Of these items, I’ve only eaten two of them so far:

  • The olives, stuffed with anchoves (lower left), which are great because I love olives and anchovies, so of course they taste great together.
  • The snacks in the center, from The Protein Ball Co.

This was a 177-calorie snack consisting of Coconut- and Macadamia- flavored protein balls, and they were… fine. Six grape-sized balls doesn’t seem like a substantial snack, but they were dense and filling. And even though the word ‘protein’ is in the name of the company, this serving only had 10g, which isn’t a lot. Two hard-boiled eggs have 12g of protein for less calories. Two ounces of beef jerky (roughly 200 calories) has 18g of protein. And the protein shake mix I use has 27g for 130 calories. And none of those have the 22g of carbs that these balls have.

So, I’m glad I tried them and they were tasty, and they hit the spot at the time, but I don’t think I’d seek them out again.

Come back soon for more new-to-me experiments!

Keep it up, David!

Do you shop at Cost Plus World Market? Send me your recommendations! Hit me up in the comments section with what you like to buy there. (I’m not interested in beer, wine, candy, chocolate, or other alcohol or sweets, though!)


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