August Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report – and July, Too!

I’m a few days late with my August weigh-in post, because my LASIK surgery has been top of mind this week. And I’m over a month late with my July weigh-in post, because I jumped on a plane to Michigan the day after my weigh-in and didn’t have time to write that post. Let’s tackle both months at once. Ready for a two-fer?

Let’s start with the weight loss chart. Here it is with the July and August updates:

I’m trying to stay optimistic, but honestly, it’s hard. My July weigh-in of 260 pounds was my highest weight in eight years. It’s no mystery why it happened – I’ve been on an exercise break, and my eating has lapsed as well, out of laziness and depression and succumbing to my own self-sabotage.

What I’m proud of is that I’m already turning it around. I typically do well, food-wise, when I travel, and my two weeks in Michigan in July were very helpful in righting the ship. Then I returned to Los Angeles, and, for the second half of July, the ship started capsizing again.

I still ended the month with a 2-pound loss, and that’s awesome. It’s a great start, and sometimes a little momentum can do wonders for self confidence and focus.

The morning I had the LASIK surgery, I woke up and reconfirmed my commitment to my health. That surgery was elective, and expensive, and I did it to improve my life. My eyeballs are part of my body, and I can’t selectively take care of them while letting the rest of my body fall apart.

I’ve stuck to my guns, too. No impulse buys at the supermarket, and I’ve upped my planning, too, so I often know what I’m going to make for dinner every night before I’ve eaten breakfast. Having that game plan helps me figure out the rest of the day and stick with it.

Because of the eye surgery, I have to limit my exercise to just walking, but I’ve walked every day since the surgery, clocking over 11 miles. And because my eyes were a little sensitive to sun post-surgery, I embraced my inner senior citizen for a couple days and went mall-walking. Turns out that was an excellent way to get out of the 100-degree temperatures, too!

The big reason I keep the weight loss chart is to see the big picture, so I don’t feel stuck in the day-to-day or month-to-month struggles. Instead, I can step back and remind myself of all I’ve accomplished, and continue to accomplish. That’s why I post a picture of my whole chart here, too.

I may have inched up a little bit over the past few months, but I’m nowhere near catching up to where I started.

Moving on… to my Workout Progress Reports. Here’s something I’m extremely proud of. Even though I’ve struggled with my eating and have, by choice or by necessity, limited my activity to just walking, I have stayed active during these tough months. Check out my workout charts. Here’s June…

And here’s July:

Every dot is a workout. I add a little ‘W’ on days that I lifted weights. A circle around a dot means I took a group fitness class – in this case, one class in each month led by my friend Anne, who worked with Richard Simmons for decades. There’s one dot in June that has a little ‘R’ above it, which stands for race. That’s when I casually ‘competed’ in the Oxnard Tower 2 Tower stair climb and obstacle course – I walked it, because I had already signed up for it prior to beginning the exercise break.

I worked out 25 days in June, and 26 days in July. That’s awesome. Staying active, even if it’s just walking, will help me get back into the swing of training for races when me and my eyeballs are ready.

Lastly, A quick look at my Cardio Miles. I log the distance I cover doing exercise, whether it’s running, walking, using gym cardio machines, biking, anything. Here’s my charts for June (on the left) and July (on the right):

I added 70.3 miles in June, and a whopping 106.3 miles in July – boosted, no doubt, by all the biking I did in Michigan. That’s brings my cumulative five-year total to 4,250.7 miles!

Let’s sum it all up with some positivity. It hasn’t been the easiest summer, but I have set myself up for future success by buckling down on healthy eating, staying active, and doing the very best I can. And in the meantime, all my nerdy charts and reports and data show, above all else, than I am an extraordinary person that continues to do extraordinary things.

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to August Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report – and July, Too!

  1. mfclingan says:

    I love your charts! I need to start keeping charts and graphs again. I love seeing my progress in black and white!!!

    Good job on turning the ‘ship’ around and the loss of 2 pounds.

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