I Can’t Believe It’s Been Three Months Since I Began My Exercise Break… Here’s What’s Next For Me

Wow. I started my exercise break on April 25th – just over three months ago! Time sure has flown by. I’m very excited to enter into the next phase of my exercise break, which is technically a set-back, but for awesome reasons. I’ll get to that shortly. First, a “previously on Keep It Up, David” recap.

By the end of April, I was feeling perpetually worn out, sore, and quickly spiraling down towards miserable. Years of constant training and racing had caught up to me, and I just couldn’t continue at that level of intensity. So I decided to take a break and limit all exercise to just walking. I was too afraid that I would lose all my healthy habits if I stopped exercising altogether, so going on casual walks seemed like a good plan.

It was a good plan – It kept me active, and kept me happy. After a month of walking, I knew I was ready for a change, and so I began stepping it up, for just two workouts a week, to get my heart going a little faster and begin the slow transition back to my training mode.

That went well, too, so by the end of June, I switched tactics again, and instead of having a couple more intense workouts every week, I tried incorporating a little bit of intense activity into every workout, even it if was just 10 minutes.

By the time I left for Michigan at the beginning of July, I was feeling great. During my first week there, I even rode a bike 67 miles! I was all prepared for an awesome second week, too, but then, a couple days in, I injured my achilles tendon during a stair workout, and that set me back a few pegs. I stayed active – doing a lot of seated weightlifting, and spent my last couple days in Michigan going on great walks with my dad.

Since returning to Los Angeles in the middle of July, I’ve been taking it day by day. I try to stay active, and, if I feel up to it, I push myself a little bit. If not, I take it easy by walking or doing a lighter workout on an exercise bike. I don’t want to dive into the deep end and risk re-aggravating my achilles tendon (which, at this point, is back to normal), and I can’t bear the thought of being completely sedentary, so I do what I can.

But now I have another month of just walking in front of me. And there’s nothing I can do about it. And that’s because… I’m getting Lasik eye surgery!

These peepers will never be the same again.

This is something I’ve wanted for a long time, but the thought of having a laser carve up my eyeballs was terrifying. Earlier this summer, though, I bit the bullet and had the consultation, and once it was confirmed that I’d be a good candidate for the surgery, I scheduled it for the last day in July.

[Author’s Note: I wrote this post before having the surgery, but published it afterwards. So by the time you read this, I will no longer need glasses to see far away! (Fingers crossed.)]

The recovery process for Lasik includes no swimming for two months, and “no strenuous and high intensity activities” for one month. They don’t want patients to put themselves to any situations where an eyeball could be jostled while it’s healing, or where you could get smacked in the face by a basketball or jump rope, or where the patient might be inclined to wipe or rub their eyes because of sweat. Swimming is a no-no because exposure to water could lead to bacterial infection. (Showering is fine.)

So, I’m back to walking. I’m going to be a good patient and stick to the rules, because I don’t want to mess with my eyesight. That seems like the right thing to do!

I didn’t know, when I started my exercise break, how long it would take before I felt ready to push myself again. And there’s a small part of me that is bummed that I have to prolong the break another month. But there’s a MUCH, MUCH BIGGER part of me that is so flippin’ excited to toss the glasses forever and just be able to see! So I’m glad to continue on my exercise break, and excited what the future will bring… because I’ll be able to see it coming!

Keep it up, David!

I’ll share more about the Lasik process in an upcoming post.


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