Who Likes Free Stuff? Enter to Win Nearly $200 Worth of Functional Fitness Equipment From Modern Movement!

What an exciting day! You have a chance to win an awesome giveaway sponsored by Modern Movement! TWO great pieces of exercise equipment. ONE winner. Maybe it will be you! Want details? Keep reading!


**This giveaway is now over. Sorry and congrats to the winner!**

Here’s what you can win: Two smartly designed, go-anywhere exercise tools from Modern Movement.

1) The EDGE-BOARD is a full-body extension trainer that offers dozens of ways to work your core muscles while you simultaneously strengthen your arms and legs.

You can use it for different kinds of lunges, push-ups, extensions, and more. Check out how versatile it is!

I don’t remember posing for this photo!

2) The M-PAD is a balance trainer. Challenge your core through instability training while completing circuits and even playing games!

If the M-Pad seems familiar, it’s because I have one, love it, and raved about it on this blog a few months ago.

I may have been joking before, but that really is me using the M-Pad, solving a maze. I do love mazes!

The M-Pad has three difficulty levels, so it’s perfect for people at all fitness levels. Check out the video!

Both the Edge-Board and M-Pad come with M-Trac, a free app with training circuits and games that you can stream to your television, transforming your workout into a dynamic, digital experience. I use M-Trac with my M-Pad, and it really is cool and makes the time just fly by.

Learn more about both at the Modern Movement website. These would make a great gift! And Father’s Day is coming up, so maybe you can win these for the awesome dad in your life!

The combined retail cost of the Edge-Board and the M-Pad is $188. But you can win both FOR FREE by entering this giveaway! Here’s how:

It’s really simple: CLICK HERE TO ENTER! (I’ve de-activated the link since the giveaway is now over).  All you gotta do is fill in your contact information, and you’ll be good to go! One entry per person, please. (Tell all your friends to enter, and if they win, you can share the prizes!)

Deadline to enter is Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 11:59pm. One winner will receive both the Edge-Board and the M-Pad. I will select that winner at random on Monday, June 18th, and notify them via email. I will also pass their contact information on to Modern Movement, who will handle fulfillment directly. Please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Good luck! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go use my M-Pad and work on my core.

Keep it up, David!


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3 Responses to Who Likes Free Stuff? Enter to Win Nearly $200 Worth of Functional Fitness Equipment From Modern Movement!

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    I remember this equipment. I entered 223 times, so I better win! BTW – you’re too close to the TV! 😉

  2. Janet Houser says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, David! Hope I win, that M-Pad looks fun!

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