June Weigh-In and Workout Progress Report

Before I get into my monthly deep-dive into health-related facts and figures, I wanted to share the YouTube video where I was interviewed by Kathy Miles. Kathy’s YouTube channel, Totally Kathy, is a vlog where she shares her journey as she loses 300 pounds. She’s lost 178 so far, and still going strong!

Although I’ve never met Kathy in person, we do have things in common. We’ve both lost a lot of weight, obviously, but we’re also both friends with Richard Simmons, and both were featured on the “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast.

Kathy met Richard on the front steps of a cookie factory in Nebraska in the early ’90s, and with his help, she lost 210 pounds. She appeared on talk shows with Richard, like this appearance on “Maury.”

She’s been sharing her story on her YouTube Channel, and recently decided to start interviewing people. I’m honored to be her very first guest! She’s a lovely, friendly woman, and so easy to talk to, and she’s very genuine and honest. I’m embedding the interview below, but click here if you’d prefer to watch on YouTube. Settle in and grab a healthy snack, because it’s about 34 minutes long.

Speaking of interviews, don’t forgot that I’m going to be on the news tomorrow morning! Click here for all the details.

OK! Moving on! Weigh-in time! I do my official weigh-in at the first of every month, so a few days ago I stepped on the scale and updated my weight loss chart accordingly.

Up two pounds. I spent the entirely of May on my exercise break, and although I’ve been trying my best to make good food choices, I haven’t been a saint. So a two-pound gain isn’t a shocker. I’m just glad it wasn’t more.

You can see the past year or so in that picture, and it is a little frustrating that I’ve gained back the weight I lost on the nice downward swing I had at the end of 2017. I try not to focus on that frustration, though (which is easier said than done), because…

  1. There’s only eight pounds difference between my heaviest weight (now) and my lowest weight (beginning of December) during the past year.
  2. This is exactly what weight loss maintenance is all about. There will always be fluctuations. Period. End of Sentence. Full stop.

The big picture is that I’ve lost and kept off a lot of weight, and when I zoom out and look at my whole weight loss chart, that’s crystal effin’ clear!

Let’s talk exercise! I track all my workouts on a calendar, with the ongoing goal of exercising six times a week, and one rest day a week. The big rule of my exercise break is that I can’t do anything more rigorous than walking, so my May involved lots and lots of walking. Check out my calendar:

Since walking is an easier workout, I didn’t take all my rest days, and only had two during the whole month. That means I walked 29 out of 31 days, with only a couple exceptions:

  • I competed, on the 12th, in the Lemon Climb Denver stair race, since I had signed up for it long before I realized that I needed the break.
  • I decided, during the week starting May 27, I would replace two walks a week with more intense workouts, as a way to start seeing if I was ready to ease out of the break. So on the 28th, I took a circuit class at Training Mate, because I had paid for it and it was about to expire. It was very tough and fun, like it always is, but I did better than I thought I would. So that date, on the calendar, gets a circle around the dot, to denote the class, and a “W” because that class is heavy on weightlifting. It was my only weightlifting workout all month.
  • I just realized that my calendar is inaccurate, and I took one more class, on the 9th. This was an aerobics class, and I didn’t go all out. I went because afterwards, friends from that class and I went to a birthday dinner, which ended up being that last time I saw my friend Gerry before she passed.

Apart from those days, all the rest of the dots represent a walk, ranging from 2.3 to 2.8 miles, and taking 45-50 minutes.

All told, I walked 71.5 miles in the month of May, which seems like an awful lot for someone on an exercise break! Here’s my Cardio Miles chart:

If you’re someone that walks a lot, I highly recommend keeping a running tally of the distance you cover. It adds up quickly and is so motivating! You can download an app like Runkeeper (that I use), which tracks your distance as you walk, or go drive your route after the fact and use your car’s odometer.

I just figured out that 71.5 miles is almost the distance between my house in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Holy cow!

Keep it up, David!


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