There’s Donut-Flavored Tic Tacs Now… And Homer Simpson Is On the Box!

I love “The Simpsons” and am completely indifferent about Tic Tacs. Luckily, my love for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Snowball II, Santa’s Little Helper, and the entire town of Springfield is so strong that I immediately snapped up every kind of Simpsons Tic Tacs as soon as I saw them at a gas station.

While all three boxes of Tic Tacs contain yellow breath mints, there are three distinct flavors.

  • The Marge box has blueberry-flavored mints, because her hair is blue, get it?
  • The Homer box has donut-flavored mints, because he loves donuts. Mmm… Donuts… <drool>
  • The Bart box has bubble-gum-flavored mints, because… Bart loves gum? It may seem like a stretch, but long-time fans, like me, remember the “22 Short Films About Springfield” episode, where Marge tries all sorts of home remedies to get gum out of Lisa’s hair (with the whole town piping up with suggestions). But how does the gum get in Lisa’s hair? Because of Bart. He whizzed by on his skateboard, tried to throw gum in the trash, missed, and it ended up in Lisa’s hair. Here’s the clip.

I love that all three flavors are yellow. And that’s because each individual mint has one the of the Simpsons stamped on it! There’s Marge mints, Homer mints, and Bart mints.

Check out this European commercial! They’ve been on sale in Europe for a couple years now.

My Lego versions of the characters love their Tic Tac likenesses! For them, a Tic Tac is the size of a loaf of bread. (But not as big as the grapes I gave one once.)

(Setting up that shot, by the way, took 20 minutes. 20 well-spent minutes. And Lisa and Maggie are sad, on the front porch, because they don’t have flavors. Sigh.)

There’s actually two different faces for each!

  • Top row: conniving Bart and innocent Bart.
  • Middle row: wide-eyed Homer and pensive Homer.
  • Bottow row: bespectacled Marge and wide-eyed Marge.

You could mix mints from each box together, and, if you don’t look at the face before you pop one in your mouth, be surprised by the flavor.

Speaking of flavor, the blueberry mint is the best. Maybe I’m partial, because I love blueberries.

The bubble gum mints taste like bubble gum, but it’s a let down, because it’s not actually gum. If I’m tasting bubble gum, I want to keep chewing it, and then blow bubbles. But these aren’t pieces of gum, they’re breath mints, so… it’s disappointing.

Sidebar: Tic Tac recently released a line of gum, and I’ve tried it, and wasn’t impressed. You need four or five pieces to get a piece of gum that’s big enough to actually be worth chewing, and it ends up being mostly crunchy outer shell. Ugh.

The donut-flavored ones are… bizarre. They sure taste like donut – a cake donut, to be specific, like the unglazed ones you get at cider mills or dunk in coffee. But it’s strange to taste that in a piece of candy that is so different in texture from a piece of sweetened, fried dough.

I get it, though. This is a novelty product. One you buy because you’re a sucker, like me, that loves “The Simpsons” and wants something cool to share with your friends. Not because your breath smells bad and you want to cover the stench of onions or garlic or tuna or whatever with the smell of donuts.

But I don’t really think any variety of Tic Tacs are terribly effective as a breath mint. I find Altoids to be more powerful and helpful, but then again, I’m not a breath mint fan, I’m a gum fan.

Tic Tacs have always struck me as candy masquerading as breath mints. Maybe all breath mints are? Tic Tacs have the same outer candy shell as Skittles and M&Ms, and they’re colored as brightly. They sure look like candy. Or pills.

Sidebar: The Tic Tac brand is owned by Ferrero, based in Italy and one of the largest candy companies in the world. They own Ferrero-Rocher, Nutella, Kinder, Brachs, Fannie May, and Trolli. Earlier this year, they bought Nestle’s candy-making division for around $3 billion, so now they own Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Nerds, Wonka and many other brands too.

I grew up with Tic Tac being marketed as the one-and-a-half calorie breath mint. I think the slogan has changed. I checked the nutritional information online, and I don’t know if the Tic Tac recipe has changed, or if that marketing campaign played fast and loose with the truth, but one Tic Tac has 1.9 calories. Let’s round that up to 2.

I’ve eaten four of each Tic Tac flavor while taking photos and writing this post. That’s 24 calories – information I feel necessary to share, since this is a health, fitness and weight loss blog. Ultimately, that’s not a bad caloric price to pay for a little burst of Simpsons sweetness!

Keep it up, David!


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11 Responses to There’s Donut-Flavored Tic Tacs Now… And Homer Simpson Is On the Box!

  1. Jeff Dinkin says:

    I’ve long thought you were a bit of a nerd, but I stand corrected. 😉

  2. Margarer says:

    Hi! Is that before pic really.u? And your after pic.. wow, what a change! I’ve lost 62-63 lbs. it varies a bit. I’m walking but not sure how far it is,.. 8 laps around a close to acre yard. I’ve lost some of my motivation and not lost but a bit lately. Most of what I’ve lost was months back. Reading your articles. Thanx! 🙂

    • David says:

      Hey! Yup that’s me. Click on “photo gallery” at the top and there’s lot of before and after pics! Congrats on the 63 pounds and KEEP IT UP! Just remember that when you get to your goal weight, you will spend a lifetime maintaining it, so your plateaus are just practice for that.

  3. Sarah says:

    Love this post!!!

  4. Mom says:

    I agree with Sarah, loved it. Cleverly written!!

  5. Alexis Garcia says:

    So many years of entertainment from the Simpson’s! Love that you love them SO much. Fun post.

  6. G.M. Grena says:

    David, if you’re really into blueberries, I’d highly recommend you check out the new “Blueberry Dream” flavor of Brad’s Raw kale chips, Currently on sale at Sprouts. So new, that this flavor isn’t even shown on yet (though it is shown on for Sprouts)! Note related to your “Produce Haul” post regarding coconut oil: #2 ingredient in these bllueberry-kale chips is coconut milk. Max yum, & strong mouth-watering scent when you open the packet.

  7. Katgy says:

    I had no idea this existed until I stumbled upon them in a gas station I should have bought more I love The Simpsons still watch it always will and I will not open these because they could be worth quite a bit of money someday just like my Pez and my Garbage Pail Kids.

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