Trying New Things: Training Mate and Hope Hummus

I love trying new things and sharing them on this blog, and I have two things I’m sharing today.

1) Training Mate. Or should I say… a visit to Stud City?

Training Mate is a group fitness studio featuring high-intensity interval training classes. They have two locations: West Hollywood and Studio City, which they lovingly call “Stud City” on a couple signs. (Non-LA residents, you’re SOL on this one.)

Although I haven’t gone lately, because of the well-earned exercise break I’m taking, I’ve done a bunch of classes at Training Mate, and they’re fantastic. I bought a five-pack of classes at a charity silent auction a few months ago (benefiting DConstruction Arts), and I have one class left on that pass, which I look forward to taking once this break is over.

Training Mate classes are circuit-based, so you move around the room doing all sorts of exercises that target different muscles groups. Some are cardio-based, some involve dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, or other pieces of equipment. You do an exercise for 45 seconds, have a 10-second break, than move on to the next thing. The circuit takes up most of the class, but after you finish you grab a mat and the final set is all ab and core work on the floor.

My favorite thing at Training Mate is the SkiErg machine, which replicates the arm motion used during Nordic skiing. I’ve never used (or even seen) this machine anywhere but here, and it’s fun and different.

The class is definitely a challenge, but because you’re not doing anything for too long, it’s manageable. Plus, the instructors – a highly energetic, very enthusiastic group – keep you entertained. Many of them are Australian (it was founded by an Australian trainer), and they take every possible opportunity to make a pun, cheesy joke, or double entendre. They’re motivating, and then they’ll toss off a one-liner that’ll make you groan. It’s that kind of class.

I know I tend to work a bit harder during classes, and I’m inspired by the people around me, so I enjoy places like Training Mate. If you’re in Los Angeles, check it out, and if you’re not, look around your area for a HIIT-based circuit class!

2) Hope Hummus. Hummus is a wonderful healthy snack, full of good fat and protein, and I recently tried a brand called Hope Hummus for the first time.

The spicy avocado flavor caught my eye, because I had never seen that flavor of hummus before. I was with my sister-in-law Alexis when we saw these at Safeway, and we picked up both varieties.

The spicy avocado was delicious. I like spicy food – I enjoy the taste, and appreciate how a hit of heat can slow me down, since I’m more of a food gobbler and less of a food savorer. (Wasabi peas and Wasabi almonds are also good for this reason.)

The spicy avocado was smooth and creamy, very flavorful, and on the lighter, thinner side for hummus (a good thing). You could notice the heat, too, but my mouth wasn’t on fire or anything. The original was good as well, but I preferred the spicy avocado.

I was looking around on the Hope Hummus website, and they make other unique flavored hummus (hummuses?) (hummi?) that I’ve never seen before. I’m going to keep my eye out for their black garlic hummus, their Thai coconut curry hummus, and their lemon peppercorn hummus. Don’t those sound amazing?

Wanna check out other new things I’ve tried recently? Check out this post. And this one. And this one too!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to Trying New Things: Training Mate and Hope Hummus

  1. lunchmuffin says:

    Cross training is the best when you need a rest!

    many years ago my sister’s boyfriend (who ran a bunch) bought one of those nordictrack (I think) ski machines) one winter. The skis just went back and forth so it was virtually no impact and it had a similar mechanism for the arms. I have never seen anyone work up a sweat that fast. I though he was going to break the machine at first to be honest. Anyway, those machines that work the arms and legs simultaneously are great for a killer cardio workout.

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