May Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Before I begin my monthly deep dive into stats and charts and other general nerdery, I wanted to quickly share a couple more things that I’m celebrating. As you’ll recall from my post earlier this week, focusing on my successes is a great way to quiet the negative emotions that have surfaced since I began my little exercise break.

So here’s something awesome: I’ve updated my stair race map!

These are all the cities where I’ve competed in a stair race. Can you spot the new addition? Hint – it’s the one next to its own drawing.

Paris – where I competed in the Eiffel Tower Vertical – is my 20th city. Maybe, by year’s end, I’ll be able to add my 21st!

Another thing to celebrate: having awesome friends. Last night, I heard my friends Kristy Hanson and Mike Chiaburu perform at a local coffeehouse. I’ve known them for nearly 20 years, and they’re crazy talented, and in 2011, they wrote a song, inspired by one of my blog posts. The song, “Today’s the Day,” is really beautiful (listen to it here) – and they played it during their set last night. A picture of them mid-song:

It’s really awesome having incredible, supporting friends, and it’s really touching knowing that I’ve inspired them to create such a wonderful song. Thanks Kristy and Mike!

OK – Time for some number crunching! I do a weigh-in and update my weight loss chart at the start of every month. Here are my May weigh-in results:

Up two pounds. Can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s always a bit of a bummer to draw a line upward. I spent the second half of 2017 losing weight, and have now gained those pounds back. Luckily for me, it hasn’t been a huge oscillation – only six pounds that I’ve lost and regained.

Plus, the big picture is still a super cool big picture. Here’s my whole chart:

It represents that past eight years, during which I’ve lost and kept off 160 pounds!

Moving on to my workout progress report. You know the drill. I track my workouts, and translate them to dots on a calendar. My April calendar has 26 dots, which means I took four rest days. And since my ongoing goal is six workouts a week, my April was spot on.

I have another calendar that includes notes on what these workouts were. During April, I competed in three races (the days with “R”), took three group fitness classes (the dots with circles around them), and lifted weights four times (the days with “W”). The last five workouts were simply walks around my neighborhood – the result of me deciding to dial my workouts way down for a while – and those walks are going to continue into May.

What’s cool is that awesome things still happen when you’re on an exercise break. I’m counting my recent walks towards my cardio miles – it’s still dedicated exercise, even if it’s casual exercise – and on my last workout of the month, I crossed a major milestone: I’ve now accumulated over 4,000 cardio miles.

I ended April with 4,002.6 miles, and I started with 3,912.7, which means that in April, I racked up 89.9 miles!

I told myself a couple hundred miles ago that I’d reward myself when I hit the 4,000 milestone. I never decided what that reward would be, though – other than it wouldn’t be food-based. I have a couple ideas, though. I’m mulling it over, and when I make a decision, I’ll be sure to share it here!

Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to May Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

  1. lunchmuffin says:

    as to the reward i vote for socks and shoes no matter what else you do. a guy can never have too many of either.

  2. Sarah says:

    Keep it up David!!

  3. Janet Houser says:

    Congrats on the 4,000 miles, what an amazing accomplishment!! I can’t wait to hear your reward decision-some fun workout thing…weighted hula hoop perhaps? We would need a video demo then, LOL!

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