“Millionaire” Rerun Alert! Did You Miss It The First Time Around? Watch It Again!

Exciting news! My episode of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” is airing again this week. Three cheers for reruns!

According to my TiVo listings, my episode is scheduled to air as a rerun on THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2018 in Los Angeles. There’s a good chance it’ll air again in your part of the country, but no guarantees. Keep reading for more info:

Go to the show’s website: Millionairetv.com.

Scroll down and select your city from the dropdown bar under “Find Your Station Here.”

Here’s where it gets confusing and tricky. If only one episode of “Millionaire” airs in your town every day, you’re out of luck. But, if two times are listed next to your city, than woohoo! One will be the new episode for the day, and one will be the rerun, featuring yours truly.

But which one is which? The website won’t tell you. And I don’t know for sure either. Your best bet is just to watch or TiVo or both episodes.

To make things even more confusing, one episode may air in the middle of the night, like in Los Angeles, where new episodes airs at 1pm, and the rerun airs at 1:30am. I know from being an avid viewer that the 1:30am episode is the rerun. I’ve also figured out that even though 1:30am is technically Friday, they still consider it part of the Thursday broadcast day. So, even though my rerun is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, in Los Angeles it will technically air on Friday, May 4, at 1:30am.

It’s very confusing. So what’s your best bet? If you really want to watch – and I hope you do – DVR every episode on Thursday and Friday just to be safe. You’ll know within the first minute when you watch whether it’s my episode or not, so you can easily delete the episodes without me. Or watch them anyway, because it’s a good show!

I’m no longer required to keep quiet about how I did on the show, but in case there’s anyone out there that didn’t watch, I won’t share any spoilers.

After you watch, read my behind-the-scenes post here.

Keep it up, David!


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