My As-Seen-On-TV Workout! I Climbed the Giant Stairway Featured on a New ABC Comedy

Have you seen the new ABC comedy “Splitting Up Together”? Only four episodes have aired, on Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30 central. Last week’s episode featured three actors climbing an enormous stairway, and as soon as I watched, I knew I had to climb them myself!

Here’s the same stairs on “Splitting Up Together”:

That’s Jenna Fischer in blue, the star of the show. She’s the reason I tuned in. I’m a big Jenna Fischer fan. She played Pam on “The Office,” and on this comedy, she plays one half of a couple getting a divorce but still living on the same property for the sake of the kids.

I didn’t know they’d be climbing stairs on the show, but when I saw the scene, I grabbed a couple photos so I could figure out where they were. (Watch the scene here.)

Completing workouts inspired by stairs I’ve seen on TV is something that, living in Los Angeles, I get to do on a fairly regular basis. I’ve done stair workouts inspired by “This Is Us,” a Kardashian show, a TJ Maxx commercial, and a Laurel and Hardy movie.

Figuring out where the “Splitting Up Together” scene was shot was pretty simple, because of one big clue: you can see the Silver Lake reservoir in the background of a couple shots, and it’s pretty close. There are dozens of public stairways in the area, but that clue narrowed it down to a couple, and all it took was a little leg work using satellite images to confirm it.

Another shot from the show:

And my re-creation of that shot:

The scene was filmed at the Cove Avenue stairway, which is famous for an entirely different reason. In 2012, they were renamed the Mattachine Steps, because the Mattachine Society was founded, in 1950, in a house at the base of them. The Mattachine Society was one of the country’s very first LGBT organizations, created by Harry Hay, an influential pioneer in the gay rights movement.

The Mattachine Steps have 163 steps, and a group of us climbed them as part of an urban hike around the Silver Lake neighborhood: me, my friends Martin, Leland, and Madeleine, and Madeleine’s daughters Melia and Marlow.

Our hike was 3.2 miles total, and we also climbed a few other stairways: The Loma Vista Place stairs (182 up, on the west, and 166 down, on the east), the 148-step Edendale stairs (which was featured in a Three Stooges movie called “An Ache in Every Stake”), and the 287-step Swan stairs.

And all this on the same day as the Los Angeles Fight For Air Climb, where we all raced up a 63-story building… and then climbed it again for fun!

One of the friends that I hung out with during the race and hike was Martin, who flew in from Denmark just for the weekend to compete in the race. And Martin brought me an awesome gift: LEGO Eiffel Tower!

I’ve been known to nerd out over LEGO kits in the past, and this Eiffel Tower kit is special for a couple reasons. Martin bought it as a way to congratulate me on my epic Eiffel Tower race last month, and he also bought it in Billund, Denmark, the very town where LEGO is headquartered. Cool!

I love my LEGO Eiffel Tower!

Thank you Martin! And…

…keep it up, David!


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