Take Group Fitness Classes From the Comfort of Your Own Home… and I Have TWO Ways You Can Try For FREE!

Ever heard of LIFT Session? It’s a company that offers live online group fitness classes that you can do in your living room, basement, or any room of your house. I’m not taking about exercise videos. I’m taking about actual classes, with a coach and other students and everything! I’ve been taking LIFT classes for a month. They’re a lot of fun… and they kick my butt – always a good thing!

It’s kinda like an exercise class over Skype, except they use their own high-tech video platform. You sign up for a class on their website. A few minutes before that class starts, you log in, and put your laptop or tablet on a shelf or table, positioning the camera so it’s pointed at your workout space. Other students log in, too, and a coach leads you through the workout. Because it’s done over webcam, you can see and talk to your coach, and they can see and talk to you. Throughout the class they’ll comment on your form, suggest modifications or tweaks, offer advise and motivation, and so on.

Logging out after a LIFT group class.

The coach is usually sitting at a computer, watching the students. When they introduce the next set or exercise, they share a video with everyone, which demonstrates the exercise. It was a little strange at first to not have the coach actually demonstrating the exercises themselves, but this way they can better focus on what the students are doing.

Coaches also have the ability to draw on the screen, like commentators do during football games, and they have the ability to capture screengrabs. Here I am, in my living room, jogging in place with high knees, and Coach Karine wanted my knees higher!And here I am doing a Beast plank. Karine wanted my upper legs more vertical, with my knees at more of a 90-degree angle.

I was actually the only student in that class, but classes max out at 12 people. The most I’ve seen in a class so far is five.


The other great thing about LIFT is that the workouts for each class are archived after the class is over, so I can go back and do exercises from a workout again, on my own, and easily find links to all the demonstration videos. They also calculate calorie burn, both for each person in the class, and the cumulative for all students, and it’s fun seeing that cumulative number get higher and higher.

I had mixed feelings at first about taking a group class at home. I work from home, so I often look forward to exercising as a reason to get out. But this does make taking a group class so much easier: no dealing with traffic or parking, no need to pack a change of clothes.

On the flipside, you can’t quite feed off the energy in the room during these classes like you can when all the students are physically in the same place. Thumbnails of the other students line the bottom of the video platform, but you can opt out of appearing there, so only the coach can see you, which is nice if you want to retain some privacy.

There are three categories of classes: Redline (high-intensity, anaerobic interval training), Metpower (focuses on toning and strength training), and Regen (focuses on stretching and improving range of motion). There are a few classes within each category, and you don’t need any equipment, although a mat may come in handy for the yoga and pilates classes in the Regen category.

Each class is 30 minutes, and it’s a challenging 30 minutes. The coaches are great about offering modifications to make exercises easier or harder, and check in with every student before the class starts, asking if there’s any injuries or limitations that they should know about. It really is for everyone from newcomers to fitness enthusiasts.

Intrigued? Want to try a LIFT Session class for yourself? Well, hold on to your seats, because I have TWO ways that you can try it, for FREE!

The first way is for Bowflex customers. This is how I was introduced to LIFT. Bowflex has a partnership with LIFT, and Bowflex customers can sign up for one free class and one free personal training session. Did I mention they also do personal training via webcam? My trainer was a very friendly, nice guy also named David. During the session we talked about my fitness history and goals, and then he led me through exercises using my Bowflex Selecttech dumbbells and Max Trainer. Two days later he sent me a personalized workout plan – and you can get one too!

If you already own Bowflex equipment and would like to sign up for a free trial (one class and one personal training session), CLICK HERE. After you complete the trial, you’ll have access to Bowflex-only discounted prices, so you can continue with LIFT.

Don’t have any Bowflex stuff? Don’t fret! I have a promo code that you can use for one free class. Just shoot me your email address and I’ll send a personalized invite your way. (Leave a brief comment below, and I’ll send it to the email address linked to that comment, or email me at keepitupdavid@gmail.com – I won’t share your email or do anything nasty with it!)

Speaking of LIFT, I gotta jet – I’m signed up for a class that starts shortly – and I need to get ready!

Keep it up, David!


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