Trying New Things: LateralX and Beyond Burger

Greetings from Paris! I’ll be blogging soon about my trip and the Eiffel Tower Vertical race, and follow my updates on social media! (I’m @keepitupdavid on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.) In the meantime, I’m sharing all-new blog content this week, starting with reviews of two new-to-me things. Enjoy, and send speedy vibes to Paris for me!

1) LateralX. This cardio machine changes everything. It kinda looks like an elliptical, but there’s a major difference that makes it so much more.

You use it like an elliptical, and it replicates a basic running motion. However, it also adds a lateral motion, so with every step you’re pushing up and down, forward and back, and in and out. In addition to adjusting the resistance, you can also adjust the degree to which you push out, giving you a huge variety of motion.

It feels more like you’re cross-country skiing or speed skating than running. (To be fair, I’ve tried neither, but I did watch both sports during the Olympics.) See it in action in this YouTube video.

I got to try out the LateralX at Nautilus headquarters (it’s made by Octane Fitness, which, like Bowflex, is a brand owned by Nautilus). My friend Gabe showed me the ropes – just like he did the Bowflex HVT. He also showed me how to can sink into a squat to activate even more muscles. Tough!

Gabe took these photos, too!

It works all the muscles I use during my stair races, and it feels smooth and comfortable, and man oh man, does it work your thighs!

Gratuitous butt shot:

Here’s the deal: The LateralX is a commercial machine, meaning it’s not sold directly to consumers for use at home. So look for it at your gym, health club, or in hotels that you’re visiting, and if you see it, give it a try! Great calorie burn, great workout.

2) Beyond Burger. I enjoy meat substitutes, but many people don’t, because they pale in comparison to the real thing. The Beyond Burger, though, is the closest plant-based alternative to meat that I’ve seen yet.

It’s a pea-protein-based patty, and it looks more like a hamburger patty than other types of veggie patties. I found in the meat case at the grocery store, right next to the ground beef patties.

The really incredible thing is that it browns like regular ground beef, and you can cook it to different levels of doneness. Even more, if you cook it to medium, it still stays pink in the middle (thanks to beet juice)! It also has a great meat-like sizzle, and even oozes a little fat into the pan (coconut oil).

After flipping it.

There are two patties per package, and it cost me $3.99. A patty has 270 calories, 20g protein, 20g fat, and 5g carbs. Those numbers are pretty consistent with ground beef, although Beyond Burger has more potassium and fiber (and more sodium, too).

I ate mine on top of a salad, with a little bit of horseradish sauce. I thought it was meaty, although perhaps a little bland, but all in all, I really enjoyed it!

Keep it up, David!


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