I’m Going To Be A Contestant on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and IT’S AIRING NEXT WEEK!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 1, 2018. That’s the day I’m going to be on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” so tune in!

This has been nearly a year-long process, most of which I’ve kept secret from most people. I auditioned last May and taped the episode at the end of July, in Las Vegas. I was told when we taped it that it would air at some point between September and May, and I would only get a week or two heads up. I got the heads up, and it’s finally airing. On March 1st!

I’ve put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with everything you need to know to tune in. Keep reading!

Wait – that show is still on the air? Yes! A daytime version launched after the primetime version went off the air, and it’s been on for 15 years, syndicated all across the country.

Does Regis still host? No. He only hosted the primetime version. Meredith Vieira hosted the daytime version for a long time, but the current host is Chris Harrison, who is best known for hosting “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”

What channel is it on, and what time? It’s a syndicated show, so that depends on where you live. It’s different in every city. Look it up on your DVR or TiVo – that’s the easiest way to find out, and then you can set it to record.

Below are a few of the channels and times for some major cities. If yours isn’t listed, go to MillionaireTV.com, scroll down to the ‘Find Your Station Here’ section, and look up your city that way. (I’ve already found that it doesn’t air at all in some cities, which totally sucks.)

  • Los Angeles: KABC, 1pm & 1:30am
  • Detroit: WWJ, 3pm & 12pm
  • Chicago: WCUU, 2pm and 2:30pm (this is an independent station that, unfortunately, isn’t included on all cable providers’ line-ups. I hope you get it on yours!)
  • San Francisco: KGO, 11:30am & 1pm
  • Denver: 9am (KTVD), 9pm & 9:30pm (KCDO)
  • New York City: WABC, 2pm & 1:30am
  • Dallas: KTXA, 6:30pm
  • Phoenix: KAZT, 6pm & 6:30pm
  • San Diego: KSWB, 2pm & 2:30pm
  • Seattle: KIRO, 2:30pm and 1:30am

In Los Angeles, new episodes air at 1pm and the 1:30 episode is a rerun. Not sure if it’s like that in all the cities where two times are listed, though.

It’s a daytime show, so if you’re working and don’t have a DVR or TiVo, you have a week and a half to figure something out. Time to start asking friends and neighbors to record it for you!

Can I watch on Netflix? No. It doesn’t air on Netflix or any other streaming service.

Can I watch online? No. It doesn’t air online. You have to watch on a television that receives your local stations.

How did you do? I can’t tell you. You have to tune in!

How much money did you win? I can’t tell you! You have to tune in!

I don’t own a TV, because I prefer to read books and am not into pop culture and live in a yurt and TV rots your brain anyway. Surely you can tell ME how you did, right? No. (And don’t call me Shirley.)

What was the experience like? It was tremendously exciting and ridiculously nerve-wracking. I’m going to share everything in an upcoming post, after it airs, when I can speak more freely about the experience without giving anything away. Stay tuned for that.

Remind me what day it airs? THURSDAY, MARCH 1.

Should I watch and tell all my friends and family to watch, too? Yes!

Are you going to end this post like you end all your posts? Yes. Keep it up, David!


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7 Responses to I’m Going To Be A Contestant on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and IT’S AIRING NEXT WEEK!

  1. Sandy Stewart says:

    Congrats David and Best of Luck!

  2. Ann Stone says:

    I don’t watch game shows but I’ll bend the rules to watch you! Will set the DVR and hope I can find the show.

  3. deslappelach says:

    Great! Congratulations!! Hope you’re having a lot of fun there!!

  4. My DVR is set! Can’t wait to watch you on the show!

  5. Janet H says:

    Aahhhh! This is so exciting! DVR is set!

  6. Kenlie says:

    How exciting, David! I’ll be sure to tune in!

  7. Big Cheddar says:

    I don’t have a DVR, so I’ll look forward to reading about your experience. Unless someone decides to post it on youtube. I hope you did really well!

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