Watch the KGW Local News Story About Me!

I’m famous in Portland! Check out the KGW local news piece about me that aired last week to promote the Fight For Air Climb:

It’s great! And I’m really surprised at how long it is. We filmed a lot of stuff, and I thought it would get edited down to maybe 45-60 seconds, but they used nearly everything – and the story is 3:30 long!

What some behind-the-scenes scoop?

First of all, KGW reporter McKinzie Roth is absolutely lovely. Extremely friendly, with a bright, positive energy, and very invested in telling this story, getting the facts right, and promoting the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb. Plus, she was genuinely interested in climbing a whole lot of stairs in the US Bancorp Tower, the very same stairwell where the race was happening a few days later.

Here’s the big secret of the shoot: while it looked like McKinzie and I climbed the entire stairwell, we faked it. McKinzie probably would’ve climbed the whole thing, and I definitely would have, but there were a few things preventing us. First, building management and security only gave us access to a few areas and didn’t want us climbing the whole thing. Plus, we had limited time, because Devin, the producer and cameraman, also had to cover a press conference somewhere after we were finished. Lastly, while McKinzie and I were climbing normally, Devin had dozens of pounds of camera equipment on him, and even though he’s a runner and is very fit, we wanted to make it as easy for him as possible.

Behind-the-scenes shot of Cathy’s interview.

So, we entered the stairwell in the lobby, and climbed the same few stories over and over, so we could get all the different camera angles and talking points. Then we went back down to the lobby, rode the elevator to the 41st floor, walked down to 35, and climbed the final few stories, which you see towards the end. Ta-da! Television magic!

Hopefully this story, which aired on “Portland Today,” KGW’s afternoon news show, helped encourage some folks to come out for the climb! And hopefully is also got some people interested in stair climbing – because whether you do it at race or on your own, it’s a great workout, and you burn a LOT of calories.

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to Watch the KGW Local News Story About Me!

  1. G.M. Grena says:

    Totally awesome promo, David! She asked great questions, & you gave great answers! I suspected there was something unusual about the shoot because she seemed way too fresh at the end, even though she’s young & fit. Hollywood magic even in Portland.

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