Help Me Support the American Lung Association… And Support My Stair Racing at the Same Time!

My big Parisian adventure is about six weeks away, but the Eiffel Tower race isn’t the only one on my calendar. I’m criss-crossing the western United States before and after I go to France, and I need your help!

I’ve signed up for FOUR Fight For Air Climbs. All these events are hosted by various chapters of the American Lung Association, a fantastic organization that has worked since 1904 to defeat lung cancer and improve the air we all breathe.

Simply put, I love these events. I’ve competed in 22 Fight For Air Climbs in 11 different cities. By April, the number will be 26. My very first stair race was a Fight For Air Climb!

I do these races because I love the challenge of racing up skyscrapers, but it’s so rewarding to raise money for great causes, too. And while I have an incredible sponsor, Bowflex, that helps cover travel and registration costs, I’ve still got to do some fundraising.

Luckily, I have awesome friends, family, and readers. Time and time again I’ve turned to you to help raise money so I can compete, and you never let me down. Your generosity and kindness is second to none. Whenever I receive a donation, it means I need to work even harder: train harder, and race harder. That’s because by donating, people are making a commitment to me, and you better believe I’m going to commit to them!

I need to raise $500 for the American Lung Association, spread between four races. Can you help? As always, everyone that makes a donation will get a shout-out on this very website (in the race recap).

  • Fight For Air Climb – Portland. February 11, 2018. US Bancorp Tower. For the first time, participants have the option of racing up 40 stories five times. Yup, I signed up for five! 200 total stories, whoa! CLICK HERE to donate towards my $100 goal. 
  • Scale the Strat – Las Vegas. February 25, 2018. Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower. My third time racing up the tallest structure in Sin City. CLICK HERE to donate towards my $150 goal. 
  • Fight For Air Climb – Los Angeles. April 14, 2018. Aon Center. This is where I competed in my first-ever stair race, back in 2012, and I’ve raced it every year since! 63 stories separate the start and finish lines. CLICK HERE to donate towards my $125 goal.
  • Fight For Air Climb – San Francisco. April 21, 2018. 101 California. A 48-story climb. My fourth time competing in northern California! CLICK HERE to donate towards my $125 goal.
All the money benefits the same organization. While I’d like to raise as much money as possible, I need to reach each goal so I can participate in each race. Therefore, if you click on a link and see that I’ve already reached that goal, could you kindly donate towards another race?  **UPDATE! Thanks to a very generous donor, my Portland and Las Vegas goals have ALREADY been reached! Can you donate to my Los Angeles and San Francisco races?

Lastly, I invite you to share these links and help spread the word. I feel fortunate to be able to compete so frequently in the sport I love, and have so much gratitude for those that are able to help.

After I compete in all these races, I’ll have 57 stair races under my belt.

Help get me to these races, and I’ll keep kicking ass and taking names! Thank you!

Keep it up, David!


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