My 2017 Year-End Progress Report

I look forward to this post all year! You know I share my weigh-in results and workout progress report every month. But when a new year starts, I put together a report that encompasses the whole prior year. I find it very interesting and hugely motivating, so let’s get to it!

First, my weight loss chart. I did my first-of-the-month weigh-in, and I’m up two pounds.

A weight of 251 pounds puts my current weight loss at 151 pounds. I’m not making much of the gain. Two pounds over the holidays? It could’ve been a lot worse. Plus, the big picture shows that, over the course of 2017, I actually lost five pounds in total:

(My finger is pointing at my weight from last January, 256 pounds.)

And, of course, there’s the biggest picture. I’m only a few weeks away from celebrating my 8th anniversary of the beginning of this journey. Since that day in 2010, I’ve lost and kept off a whole lot of weight!

Now time for my MY YEAR-END PROGRESS REPORT! I track all my exercise on my calendar, including duration, activities, and the distance I covered (if applicable).

Keeping these notes is extremely helpful, so I can plan future workouts and look back at what I’ve done. My ongoing goal is to complete six workouts a week (and one rest day), and my calendar helps me track all that. Here’s my December 2016 calendar:

All those dots signify a workout, with specifics scribbled alongside. Here are the main takeaways:

  • I worked out 25 out of 31 days. I took an extra rest day or two in there, when I was feeling a little under the weather.
  • Four of those workouts focused on weightlifting.

Time to add up the data for the entire year! My annual goal is to have more workouts than the year before. Here are my totals from the past five years:

In addition to working out more than in 2016, I started 2017 with the goal of finally hitting, for the first time, 300 workouts by the end of the year. Did I do it?


In 2017, I worked out… 312 times. WHOA! That’s 13 more workouts than my previous high of 299, from 2015!

That means I stayed focused all year. It’s also because I had no major injuries or illnesses that prevented me from working out for big stretches at a time. Oh, and check this out: Since my ongoing target is to work out six times a week, I managed to reach that goal precisely. On the nose. You can check my math: 52 weeks multiplied by 6 workouts a week equals 312 workouts!

My goals for 2018 are… are… well, hmmm… 312 workouts in a year is exactly where I’ve wanted to be for years, and it’s the first time I’ve reached it. I don’t really want to exercise more than that, since I’m a firm believer in rest days, so I suppose my goal for 2018 is to reach 312 workouts again. Or at least stay above 300, since that’s a nice round number and a challenge enough as it is.

Some other 2017 stats:

  • I took 23 group fitness classes. This number is lower than in past years, mainly because Slimmons closed last year, but the classes I did take have been great. Group fitness classes are a great way to learn new things, get energized by motivating instructors, and feed off a great positive vibe that can really give you a boost.
  • 52 of my workouts were focused on weightlifting (that’s less than the 62 last year, 83 in 2015, and 109 in 2014, so that’s something to work on in 2018).
  • My workouts average around an hour each. In total, I spent 13 days in 2017 exercising!
  • Combine my workouts from 2011-2017, and I’ve worked out 1,976 times in the past seven years! So close to the 2,000 workout threshold! That’s over 82 days of exercise!

The final thing I log on my calendar are my Cardio Miles – the distance, in miles, that I cover doing any kind of cardio. In December, I logged 72.5 miles.

I crossed the 3,700-mile threshold on December 28th! My new cumulative total is 3707.1 miles – and 915.3 of them came from 2017!  (And that’s only since summer of 2013, when I started keeping the data!)

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a phenomenal year! And I plan to make 2018 a phenomenal year, too. So…

…KEEP IT UP, DAVID, throughout 2018!


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8 Responses to My 2017 Year-End Progress Report

  1. Sarah says:

    Good Job David! I’m so proud of you.

  2. Charlotte Cavaluzzi says:

    Great job David!! Something to be proud of! Happy New Year!

  3. Consistency and Focus!! Keep being the example!! I’ve been blessed with a great 2017 and looking forward to a wonderful 2018!! And I am staying consistent with applying for Survivor and Big Brother!! Every year since Dec 2009 🙂 Keep Inspiring my fitness friend!

  4. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Phenomenal year, David! Congratulations on the continued progress. I know how hard it can be to maintain consistent focus and motivation, year round, and you’ve figured it out. Happy New Year!

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