December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

This post has been delayed a few days, due to the cold that I’ve been fighting, but better late than never! (I’m feeling much better, by the way!) And I’m starting this post with a picture of my scale, because it shows a number I haven’t seen in a while.

Under 250 pounds! Whoa! Time to update my weight loss chart:

A couple notable things:

The first is that I haven’t weighed less than 250 pounds in over two years. The last time I updated my chart with a number in the 240s was in August 2015!

That’s 27 months of maintaining my weight between 251 and 257 pounds. I’m very proud of that. Of course, the bigger picture shows that I’m nearly seven years into maintaining a 160-pound loss!

The other notable thing is that my three-pound loss during the month of November marks the 6th month in a row that I haven’t gained – a streak that I haven’t replicated since 2011.

It will be hard to extend that streak to seven months. For one, the holidays are here, and that’s always tough. Plus, I know I’ve already gone up a few pounds while fighting this cold. I haven’t weighed myself to confirm it, but I don’t need to. My exercise has been light and I’ve been more lenient with my eating. There’s been some comfort food snack indulgences (Cheetos, Hot Pockets). I’m not sharing this because I’m down on myself – I know better than to beat myself up because I’m sick. I’m just being honest and making an observation. As I write this, I’m feeling more or less completely back to normal, and tomorrow will be the first day that I won’t take any medicine. I’m sure I can swing the train back onto the tracks.

I won’t be bummed if I gain a few this month. I will try my best not to, but if I do, it won’t be the end of the world, and that’s because of the chart pictured above. It reminds of the big picture. And the big picture rocks!

Moving on… to my Workout Progress Report. I log all my workouts on my calendar, and then, in these monthly updates, analyze the data. Each workout gets a dot (and a scribbled description of what I did).

My November calendar has 27 dots – out of 30 days! That’s slightly over my ongoing goal of working out 6 days of every week. I was out of town for nearly two whole weeks in November – a week in Chicago and Milwaukee (where I competed in three races), and nearly a week in Colorado for Thanksgiving. I exercised religiously on both trips, which probably helped account for my three-pound loss. I only lifted weights five times in November, down from ten the month before, but still a good number.

Lastly, a look at my Cardio Miles. I log all the distances I cover doing any form of cardio and keep a running tally. In November, I logged…

…92.4 miles! That brings my all-time total to 3,631.9 miles. A solid 40% of those 92.4 miles were achieved over a 5-day span in Colorado, when I borrowed my brother-in-law Justin’s bike and went on three 10-mile+ bike rides, plus swam 1.5 miles with my sister Sarah, and did a 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning with Sarah, my niece Allison, and friend Lauren. That’s 37.3 miles done just in Colorado!

Lots of great reasons to say…

…Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

  1. lunchmuffin says:

    I’m curious, are you at your ultimate goal weight?

    My ugw is ridiculously low, maybe impossibly low. I was a body builder for years but now all I think about is the 5K.

    4+ years ago I started at 300+ lbs. I got down to 168 in September which I haven’t been since I was a sophomore in high school but bounced back to 185 currently. The weight formula for optimal 5K they say for a six foot tall person is 2 X 72 inches = 144 lbs. At 55 years old people will worry about me if I get that low. However, it would be nice if I could drop twenty before spring gets here as I have two of the longest organized runs I’ve ever done and there are a couple of 55+ y.o. people who are road running phenoms and i want to catch them before I die. When I started out I just wanted to run a mile before I croaked, my goals keep changing. This is getting long.


    • David says:

      I don’t have an ultimate goal weight. For years I wanted to get to 220, but I never got to within 10 pounds. Now I don’t really consider a goal weight to be a motivator for me. I look at other things: maintaining what I’ve lost, my race performances, reaching weekly workout goals. That’s the stuff that matters to me, not reaching a number that I literally pulled out of the air years and years ago.

      According to your formula, my optimal 5k weight would be 152 pounds. That’s never going to happen! Unless I amputate a couple limbs or something. 🙂

      Congrats on your 100-pound+ weight loss and keeping it off! It’s incredible. KEEP IT UP!

  2. Mom says:

    Congratulations on your new low weight!!! You have a great attitude about maintenance and goals. Keep it up!!!

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