This Life Hack Will Make Your Fruit Salads So Much Better

I’m back from a great Thanksgiving visit with family in Colorado, and on two days, I got up early and made big fruit salads for everyone to enjoy during breakfast. Fruit is a great way to start the day, isn’t it?

I have a great trick to keep your fruit salads looking beautiful and lasting longer. My fruit salads included apple, pear, and banana, but the difficult thing about using those particular fruits in a fruit salad is that they start to oxidize – turn brown – shortly after you cut them.

One common trick to prevent oxidization is to coat the cut fruit pieces with lemon juice, but lemon juice has a pretty strong taste. I prefer my trick: using diet soda to halt the oxidization process!

It’s a pretty simple trick. Cut up the apples, and dunk them in any soda that has citric acid – which is the ingredient that you need for this trick to work. Most fruity-flavored varieties have citric acid, like Sprite, Fanta, Mountain Dew (and their diet counterparts). Ginger ale usually has citric acid, and some root beer brands use it, too (and some don’t, so check the label!) One morning, I used Fresca. Then, the next day, I used Diet Coke.

It’s weird pouring Diet Coke over apple chunks in a bowl, but the fruit doesn’t absorb any Diet Coke flavor.  You only need to dunk them briefly, so every cut side gets exposed to Diet Coke. And if you use Diet Coke, or another diet variety, it’s no added calories, either.

Be sure to use a fork or slotted spoon to transfer them from the soda bowl to the fruit salad bowl, because you don’t want any extra Diet Coke in your fruit salad!

Besides the soda-treated banana, apple, and pear, this fruit salad also has pineapple and strawberries.

I was staying in a house with nine other family members, and everyone ate and enjoyed some fruit salad, and it wasn’t until after it was all gone that I mentioned my Diet Coke trick. No one had tasted the soda, and all were surprised.

Here’s the Fresca-treated salad from the day before:

It had all the same fruits in it, and blueberries, too.

My sister Sarah mentioned, after the fact, that she actually had a bottle of citric acid in her pantry, so I didn’t have to use soda at all! I’ll remember that for next time I visit.

This particular brand is a powder that you dilute in water, and is marketed for people that jar their own tomatoes, but citric acid is citric acid, so it would work for fruit salad applications too!

I briefly mentioned this trick in another post – so check out my recipe for turkey and cheese applewiches.

And eat your fruit, it’s good for you.

Keep It Up, David!

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