Trying the Green Chef Meal Kit Service… By Making Three of Their Meals Simultaneously!

I’ve come to Colorado on my annual Thanksgiving trip, and my sister Sarah had a great idea for dinner the day I arrived. She’s a big fan of Green Chef, a meal kit delivery service that’s based in Boulder, not too far from her house, and wanted me to try it.

Sarah and her husband Justin had received their weekly Green Chef box a few days earlier. Inside was everything you needed to make two servings of three different meals. There would be seven of us eating that night… so we made all three meals, at the same time.

Our other sister Laura was also in town, so Laura, Sarah and I each tackled a recipe. The recipes couldn’t be easier to follow: lots of pictures, printed on heavy card stock.

All the ingredients are pre-portioned, in little bags and pouches, filling the box.

The ingredients for all three meals were mixed up in there, but it was easy to sort them out, because they were color-coded. I made the coconut-ginger chicken, and all my ingredients had red stickers.

Making three recipes at the same time was unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and it was really fun. We were constantly bumping into each other in Sarah’s kitchen. We had all the burners going on the stove, and scheduled who used the oven when, and at what temperature.

It was great seeing so many fresh vegetables come out of the Green Chef box. My recipe had broccoli, sweet potatoes, and cabbage, Sarah’s had kale and mushrooms, and Laura’s had onion and carrots.

There was also unique spices and fresh herbs, like this thyme:

Sarah’s kids helped out, making this a true family affair. Here’s my nephew Sam, crusting the cod fillets with a spiced breadcrumb mixture:

No particular step was too difficult or confusing, and the pictures on the recipe cards clarified things further. Our three dishes required seven different pots and pans, but we successfully timed it all out so everything was finished at the same time.  Then it was time to taste it! Everyone wanted to try everything, which means we only got a few bites of every dish. (We supplemented these dishes with a big Caesar salad.)

Here’s how Sarah’s Herb-Crusted Cod looked when it came out of the oven:

And that was served alongside sauteed mushrooms and kale, and farro with sun-dried tomato.

My coconut-ginger chicken had a flavorful sauce, and was accented with roasted sweet potatoes and cashews, sesame seeds, and a Sriracha sauce.

And Laura made a southwest broiled steak, with cheesy polenta and braised carrots.

Oh, and a pepita pesto sauce, too!

Green Chef has a variety of meal plans, so you can order gluten-free, vegan, or paleo meals, if you like. These three particular recipes ranged from 560-700 calories per serving – pretty healthy! Here’s my plate, with small servings of all three dishes:

The appeal of Green Chef is that it provides everything you need to make a delicious, homemade meal. I really like that it includes just the right amount of ingredients I don’t have and wouldn’t buy. My recipe called for tapioca starch, for example, and if I were buying the ingredients for this recipe myself, I wouldn’t buy it. But with Green Chef, I get to try new things without committing to big boxes or bottles that will forever take up space in my cabinets or fridge.

Plus, the meals are nutritious and delicious. And I should know… I tried three at once!

Keep It Up, David!

Learn more about Green Chef on their website.


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4 Responses to Trying the Green Chef Meal Kit Service… By Making Three of Their Meals Simultaneously!

  1. Karen Geninatti says:

    Glad to read your review on this. I have had clients trying green chef and they did not think the taste was that great. But dang expensive! I inquired and it just out of curiosity,( for me, but for my clients ) and figured it’s almost $18 per meal. Granted it’s very high-quality food, but those things aren’t that hard to prepare when you go and get the food yourself. But I realize that’s what people are wanting to get away from, getting the food them self

    • David says:

      My sister’s plan equals out to $15 per meal, including shipping. I think it varies depending on the plan you order. It’s a real help for people who work all day and don’t want to stop on the way home to purchase ingredients!

  2. lunchmuffin says:

    Boulder, so lucky. I have been wanting to get up that way for years. Right now it looks like Fall 2022 at the earliest. As much as you like a challenge I am hoping you will report from some of the hiking trails to the west of town.

    • David says:

      Wow – You really plan ahead if you know what you’ll be doing in 2022! It’s great here, I love it. I don’t know if there will be any time for hiking this trip, but my sister and I went on a great hike a couple years ago – read the post here.

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