Six Days of Eggs: Eating Well and Staying Fit During My Week in Chicago

Pucker up!

I passed by this giant dear sculpture while on a walk in Chicago, and couldn’t resist giving it a smooch. I did a lot of walking – and other exercise – during my week in Chicago, and am proud of the healthy choices I made. We all know it isn’t always easy to stay healthy while traveling!

Staying with family makes it easier for me, though, and I stayed with my sister Laura, who I’ve blogged about before. She’s fully supportive of my health and fitness efforts, and likes to eat healthily herself.

We fell into a routine where we ate a nice, hearty brunch almost every day, and all those meals involved eggs. Six days of eggs. (The only day I didn’t eat eggs was the day I competed in my two Chicago stair races.)

Day 1: Two-egg cheese omelet, one piece dry wheat toast.

Day 2: Three-egg scramble, with zucchini, chicken, bacon, parsnips, leeks, and Brussels sprouts. (Sound familiar? It was the leftovers, all chopped up, from our Chicken Bacon Zucchini Twists that we made the night before.) Topped with the leftover lemon parsley dipping sauce, and a dry English muffin on the side.

Day 3: 1/4 of an avocado, smeared on an English muffin, topped with two over-easy eggs.

Day 4: Spinach and onion scramble (made with three eggs), plus grapes and a dry English muffin.

Day 5: Scramble made with spinach, onion, parsley, red pepper, white cheddar cheese. Three strips of bacon. One dry English muffin.

Day 6: Broccoli and bacon three-egg omelet, dry English muffin on the side.

These were all filling, satisfying meals, and since I could eat breakfast food all day, every day, I never got tired of them. We ate these meals between 11am and 1pm. I usually ate fruit right when I woke up, to start the day, and we snacked in the afternoon (jerky, almonds, or carrots.)

I ate out a nice amount while in town, and had a great time catching up with a few friends from college. I photographed everything, and put it all on Twitter. There’s a couple salads in there, deviled eggs (my favorite!), fish, Mediterranean food, and one night I splurged on risotto and shared an amazing dessert.

Staying healthy is a two-pronged fork, though – you have to eat well, and you have to exercise. I exercised every single day. I had races that took care of my exercise needs on two of those days (my Chicago races and my Milwaukee race), and I did a variety of things on the other days.

One night I went for a 3.9-mile run, in 29 degree weather. It was cold, but I got used to it pretty quickly, mostly because I was dressed well and my body warmed up from the running. I paused on a bridge to snap a quick picture of the glittering skyline.

I wanted to have a lighter workout the day before my Milwaukee Race, so I went for a 3.2-mile walk through the bustling Fulton Market neighborhood.

Laura lives in a 6-story building, so one day I created a workout in her stairwell.

I climbed the stairwell 10 times, and did a different exercise each time at the top while I waited for the elevator (push-ups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, etc.). Altogether I climbed 68 stories and 1,110 steps in 30 minutes. I finished that workout with a roof deck selfie – arrows point to the two skyscrapers I had raced up just a few days prior.

Laura and I also went on a 1.9-mile walk that same evening, to the restaurant where we met our friends Leslie and Derrick. We took a Lyft home.

Whenever I travel I throw a couple workout DVDs into my suitcase, because they’re easy to pack and good to have around. So on my last day in Chicago, I popped one in Laura’s DVD player. The original Sweatin’ to the Oldies!

I haven’t done this workout in years, but thought it was a fitting choice, in honor of this video’s 30th anniversary. Yup, 30 years ago this video helped make Richard Simmons a star. (They’ve just released a new 30th-anniversary Sweatin’ to the Oldies box set  – check it out here.) My last workout in Chicago was the hottest workout of 1988 – when I was nine years old!

Keep it up, David!


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