June and July Weigh-Ins and Workout Progress Reports

This one falls in the ‘better late than never’ category. I weigh myself at the beginning of the month. This month’s weigh-in was delayed, because I was in the midwest for the first week of July, and even though I weighed myself last month, I forgot to blog about it. So today, you get a double dose of stats and graphs! Here’s my weight loss chart:

I’ve kept this baby for over seven years, and redrawn it multiple times to make it still fit my wall as it continues growing. It’s a huge motivator to see a visual representation of the 160 pounds that I’ve lost, as well as how I’ve kept off a vast majority of it for over six years.

Let’s zoom in on the last two months:

The two dots farthest to the right are the newest dots. In June, I gained two pounds, and in July, I lost one of them. That makes my current weight 256 pounds. (I had a moment of wishful thinking while writing in July’s weight – I started to write ‘206’ instead of ‘256’ and had to cross it out. Whoops!)

I’ve stayed within a 3-pound range for all of 2017 (so far), and that’s awesome. That’s what weight loss maintenance is all about: there will be fluctuations, but a lot of consistency, too. Weight loss maintenance is hard work – just as hard as losing it to begin with, if not harder – and that brings me to my next collection of data:

My Workout Progress Reports.

I log all my workouts on my calendar, with the ongoing goal of working out 6 days a week. Here’s my workout calendar for May:

There’s 26 dots, so 26 workouts in 31 days. Pretty damn good. I took 5 group fitness classes, and devoted 4 workouts to weightlifting. (A number I’m perpetually trying to increase, which is an ongoing challenge.)

Here’s June:

25 dots, so 25 workouts in 30 days. Three of those missed days were in the same week – a week where I was a little under the weather. I tried to make it up once I got better, which is why I only took one rest day during the final 15 days of the month. During June, I took 2 group fitness classes and had 2 weightlifting workouts. (See what I mean about this being a challenge for me?)

Even more exciting: My goal for 2017 is to hit 300 workouts by the end of the year. In addition to being a nice, round number, this would also mark a personal best, since my highest previous total was 299 in 2015. (In 2016 I had 297 workouts.) Since the end of June marked the halfway point for 2017 (can you believe the year is half over?), I added up my workouts thus far, and the total is… 153! I’ve on track to set a new personal best! I’ve got my work cut out for me for the second half of the year, and I’m ready for the challenge.

One final set of data: my Cardio Miles. I track the distance I cover doing any kind of cardio, and keep a running total, because, if it wasn’t clear already, I’m a nerd and I like it. My cardio miles for May:

My cardio miles for June:

In May, I added 68.1 miles, and I added another 75.0 in June. That beings my total, after 4 years of tracking this data, to 3207.3 miles! (And I’m well on my way to 3,300, thanks to the 55 miles I added while in Michigan!)

I’m ending this post with a post-workout selfie from the gym, taken just a couple hours ago. This was after burning 1,000 calories in 47 minutes on the arc trainer – during which I added another 2.1 to my Cardio Miles total!


Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to June and July Weigh-Ins and Workout Progress Reports

  1. Jan says:

    Congrats for continuing to maintain your weight. I continue to struggle to lose … falling back into bad habits is too freakin’ easy. I had to laugh at the last picture in your post … maybe the guy in the background should have been cropped out. You caught him in action. LOL

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