My Pride-Filled Weekend Was Also Filled with Mucho Amounts of Exercise!

Last weekend wiped me out. Literally. It made me ill. I spent Monday and half of Tuesday barfing, thanks to an upset stomach. (I’m feeling much better now, thanks for asking!) But you know what? It was worth it! It began on Saturday, when I participated in the 36th Annual Pride Run.

This was my second year participating in this event, but last year, I signed up for the 5K race, which I ran while wearing a tutu, in honor of my friend Richard Simmons. This year, I signed up for the 10K race. Because… why not? I ran a 10K a few months ago, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so why not do it again?

My friend Tavi came along and did the 10K, too, which was held along the edge of Griffith Park, the largest park in Los Angeles.

While it’s a fun event, and I love supporting LGBT causes, the Pride Run has a really boring route, where you basically run around the perimeter of a golf course. It’s a pretty easy course, because it’s rather flat, but we were running along a lot of ugly fences, and, for a big stretch, alongside a 10-lane highway. Plus, the dirt roads we were running on are all used by equestrians, so there’s a fair amount of horse shit you have to dodge.

One lap around the golf course is 5K, so for the 10K, we ran it twice. I’m happy with my run: I ran consistently, stayed positive, worked hard, and had a good samaritan moment when I called out to a runner ahead of me before he made a wrong turn.

Tavi got a shot of me a few yards before I crossed the finish line, because he finished way before me:

My official time for the 10K was 1:02:48. My actual time was probably a few seconds faster. We didn’t have individual timing chips. They were doing the timing by hand, and I was near the back of the pack when we started, so I didn’t cross the start line until a few seconds after they started the clock.

Either way, I’m happy with that time. It’s not a PR, but it is about a minute faster than the Coaster Run two months ago, and improvement is always welcomed and celebrated.

But Pride Weekend wasn’t over. On Sunday, I participated in the Resist March, a huge march and rally in Hollywood and West Hollywood. I don’t get political on this blog – the only reason I’m bringing it up now is because this is the first time my politics have overlapped with my exercising. You will have no doubt about my political leanings after this photo!

I spent about 2 hours making that sign!

The Resist March route was 3.8 miles long. There were speakers at the beginning and at the end, and all told, I heard four members of Congress speak, as well as various local politicians (the mayors of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, members of city councils, etc.), and celebrities, including RuPaul, Margaret Cho, and Jussie Smollett (Jamal on “Empire.”)

It’s cool to be part of such a huge event – they estimated the crowd at 100,000 people –  and really fun to walk down the center of major boulevards that I normally drive on.

Me and Tavi, again, and our friend Jonathan is in the hat. I’ve known both these guys for 20+ years.

Then, when the march was over, I walked all the back to the starting point, because that’s where I was meeting up with other friends a little later. I turned on my RunKeeper app for the walk back, just to confirm the distance.

3.8 miles x 2 = 7.6 miles of walking on Sunday. Add in the 6.2 miles I ran on Saturday, and that’s 13.8 miles covered, on foot, in about a 28-hour period. Whoa!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to My Pride-Filled Weekend Was Also Filled with Mucho Amounts of Exercise!

  1. lunchmuffin says:

    Hello David,

    Good job on the runs. 13 miles is a great weekend. I reside in Oklahoma but I couldn’t be more apolitical if I tried so no worries there.

    As for LGBT causes I watch a fair bit of television that is set in early 1900s England. I was struck by how far we’ve come since those days. The police and societal brutality toward gays back then and even up until recently in the USA is shocking. Even now some countries and cultures are really awful toward some people. I’m glad you had fun in the sunshine.


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