These New HYLETE Shorts Are Pretty Sweet… and I Scored an Exclusive Discount For You to Use!

Workout shorts are workout shorts, right? Wrong. I recently received two pairs of HYLETE shorts, and they quickly became my favorite. These are the Verge II shorts, which I wore for the first time during a stair workout (3 climbs up a 46-story stairwell!):

And before I continue… GRATUITOUS BUTT SHOT!

These shorts are really comfortable. They don’t bunch up, they’re really light, and they dry quickly, which is something I noticed right away, because I never get sweatier than I do when I’m climbing stairs. At the end of this workout, my shirt looked and felt like I had just gotten out of a pool, and while the shorts were wet, they weren’t soaked (which was nice, because I had to drive home in them).

The Verge II has zipper pockets which at first seemed a little small, but it fit my phone just fine, and the smaller pocket meant my phone and car keys weren’t bouncing all over the place, which is the exact reason why I’ve stopped wearing pairs of shorts in the past.

I also wore my HYLETE Verge II shorts to a circuit/boot camp type class, at a place called Training Mate. I was transitioning from cardio to weights, getting down on the floor for push-ups then getting back up for military presses… basically, I was all over the place, and I never had to adjust my shorts. That’s practically a miracle!

HYLETE sent me two pairs of shorts: the aforementioned Verge II pair, and also a pair of their Helix IIs, which come in a great blue-on-blue color.

These also have zipper pockets, which are well placed, so in addition to keeping things from bouncing, they also don’t create any unwelcome bulges. [Insert your own joke about welcomed bulges here.]

I wore these to a high-energy aerobics class, where I’m used to tying my shorts pretty tight, so they don’t fall down while doing dozens of jumping jacks and leg lifts. The Helix II and the Verge II shorts have this cool drawstring system, where you can tie the laces on the inside or the outside, which I had never seen before. So cool!

I also wore the HYLETE Helix II shorts during an at-home workout. I used them while lifting weights…

…and then while using my Bowflex Max Trainer machine.


It was on the Max Trainer that I noticed how much the material in the shorts stretches to match my range of motion – they seem really durable, and, again, lightweight.

I looked into HYLETE a little bit, and it seems like a cool company. They have a whole line of fitness apparel (shirts, shorts, socks, backpacks), and have a discount system where, if you buy 2 or 3 items, you get 20% off, and if you buy 4 or more items, you get 40% off.

Well, I can beat that! They gave me an exclusive discount code that will save you 40% off your entire first order, no matter how big or small it is. So visit their website (CLICK HERE!), and use code HM4707 at checkout, and tell them I sent ya!

I’m gonna keep wearing my HYLETE gear – including at my next race, this weekend, and I hope you go check them out! These two pairs of HYLETE shorts have gotten me through four great workouts so far… and I suspect I’ll use them for countless workouts to come!

Keep it up, David!


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4 Responses to These New HYLETE Shorts Are Pretty Sweet… and I Scored an Exclusive Discount For You to Use!

  1. lunchmuffin says:

    They sound awesome. Zipper pockets, what a great idea. I always wrap my keys in paper towels so they don’t fall out when walking or running. First and foremost for me shorts must be light weight, which these apparently are.

    Let’s talk shoes if you don’t mind. I notice the bottom few pics you are wearing Under Armour. What model? How do you like them? Also a pair of Nikes above that. Same question.

    Have you tried any of the following?:

    Saucony Omni 15
    Brooks Ghost 9
    Adidas Performance Supernova Glide 8 M

    Sorry for the threadjack but I a going birthday shopping next week.


    • David says:

      Hey! Thanks for the paper towel trick, I’ll remember that when I’m wearing my non-HYLETE shorts. Unfortunately, I’m not a good resource for shoe information or advice – I tend to forget model names soon after purchase. I do tend to stick to Nike and Under Armour, because they offer the support I need, and I stick to shoes in the cross-training spectrum, because I don’t care for running shoes (not supportive enough). The most recent shoes I purchased were Nike Zoom Train Incredibly Fast, which I really like – although I’m not wearing them in the pics in this post. I rotate through shoes during my workouts, as was recommended once to me by a trainer.

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