I Love a Good Action Shot!

There are professional photographers at many of the stair races I do. And I got my hands on the pictures from my most recent race, in San Francisco!

There are often photographers at the starting line or finish line, but my favorite is when they’re in the stairwell, like these photographers were. Nothing beats a good action shot. You can see in that photo that I’m at the 46th floor, and that race went to the 47th, so I’m nearly done.

So why am I smiling? Shouldn’t I be nearly buckled over with exhaustion? Yes. But that photo was taken during my second climb, which was a much more casual climb for me, because I was chaperoning my nephew Eddie during his climb. I knew the photographer would be there, so I was smiling nice and wide for him.

I have pictures from the first climb, too, when I was pushing myself as hard as possible to get to the top.

There’s the exhaustion! And here’s another one:

I really like this one, because: 1) my head isn’t quite 100% in focus… because I’m moving so fast! And also 2) I’m clearly double-stepping – not easy after 46 stories of climbing.

(I also look at this picture as a what-not-to-do reminder: Ideally, my right foot should be the first one reaching the landing, because it’s easier to pivot and transition to the next flight if my inner foot is the one taking the step on the landing.)

A big thanks to my sister-in-law Alexis, who bought these photos for me. That was a really sweet gift, and a really nice reminder of a fantastic morning – one where I raced up a 47-story stairwell in 8 minutes, 51 seconds!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to I Love a Good Action Shot!

  1. iLose2Gain says:

    Keep it up David, Your doing a great job. Very inspiring, you got me to start recording my journey to a healthy better, and I started the stairs at my gym and thought my heart was going to come up out my mouth and fall on the floor.

    • David says:

      I’m so flattered to have helped you. And GOOD FOR YOU regarding the stairs. KEEP IT UP! (At least at the gym, if not on the stair machine)

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