Isn’t This The Coolest Restaurant Receipt You’ve Ever Seen?

I was going through my receipts and came across the best restaurant receipt I’ve ever seen. I ate lunch in the Denver International Airport two months ago, during a layover while en route to Minneapolis for an hour-long stair race extravaganza. I walked past McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, and Cinnabon and found the healthiest option in the terminal – a place called Modern Market. Check out their receipt!

It has the nutritional information on it, including percentages of your daily quotas! (Click on it to see it bigger.) Are you as excited about this as I am?

I had the Thai Coconut Salad, which had 609 calories, 33g of fat, 26g of carbs, and 38g of protein. How do I know? It’s on the receipt!

It looks like Nutricate is a service that restaurants can use to print nutritional information on receipts. If you know of other restaurants to do this, share in the comments section, because I think it’s a great idea, and I will support these restaurants if I can!

In other news, Bowflex asked me to contribute an article to their website, and I jumped at the chance. I wrote a piece for them called “Are Your Health and Weight Loss Goals Within Reach? When to Say You’re Done and When to Keep Fighting.” I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but it’s good, and you should definitely CLICK HERE to read it. Toot, toot!

I’m gonna wrap up this post with one more food pic. Before I do, kudos to everyone with eagle eyes that noticed how, in my recipe post from last week for Asparagus, Mushrooms and Pasta with Creamy Mustard Sauce, I used penis-shaped pasta. Can’t slip anything past my readers, that’s for sure!

As for that food pic, here it is. A grapefruit.

This was a delicious grapefruit, grown on a tree in my friends Mat and Maggie’s backyard, hand-delivered to me by their adorable toddler. I ate it in the traditional fashion – cut it in half, then used a knife to cut around the perimeter, and in between all the membranes and flesh, so you could effortlessly lift each section out with a spoon. I haven’t eaten a grapefruit like this in years, possibly decades, but it brought back great memories from childhood, of both my mom and grandma eating grapefruit this way – and preparing it for me like this too.

And hey, it makes for a pretty healthy breakfast, too!

Keep it up, David!


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