Crabs, Beet Juice, and Other Highlights From My San Francisco Trip

Competing in the San Francisco Fight For Air Climb was certainly a highlight of last weekend, but the weekend had lots of fun stuff – and the stairs at 101 California weren’t even the only stairs I climbed!

Check out the view from these public stairs! Gorgeous. These are the Lyon Street Steps, in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. We visited these stairs hours after racing up over 1,000 steps in the stair race, but my sister-in-law Alexis and I were ready to tackle 332 more!

It’s become a habit to climb more stairs after the San Francisco stair race. Last year, we climbed the famous Dipsea stairs on the same weekend as the race, and thanks to the abundance of hills in San Francisco, we could keep this tradition going for years!

The race was on Saturday, and I drove up from Los Angeles after work on Thursday evening. It’s a dreadfully boring six hour drive. You go for hours along Interstate 5 in the Central Valley where there’s barely any towns at all, so for dinner I picked an exit that had a bunch of fast food options next to the gas stations. I found my go-to fast food meal: a chopped salad at Subway…

…and ate it in my car while staring at this stunning sunset:

I stay with Alexis, my brother Steven, and their two sons when I visit, and my mom came out from Michigan to hang out with us, too. On Friday I had to work, but afterward we went to my nephews’ tennis matches, and even more family joined us for dinner. Steven made a delicious paella, and even though I wanted seconds (and thirds!), I stuck to one (admittedly generous) serving, because the race was the next morning.

Luckily we had lots of veggies on hand, too: green beans, and a roasted red pepper salad that I’ll share the recipe for in an upcoming blog post.

I have lots of other food pictures from this trip that I’m going to be sharing on my Twitter feed all day long, so head there to see road trip snacks, what I ordered at restaurants, and more!

On Sunday we had a relaxing morning, and we made fresh juice with Alexis and Steve’s new juicer. We juiced rainbow chard, rainbow carrots, beets, and oranges.

I loved feeding fruits and veggies to that little machine!

The end results was delicious, and loaded with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients.

Later, we took an afternoon outing to Kehoe Beach, a secluded spot in the Point Reyes National Seashore. It was a gorgeous drive through Marin County’s rolling hills and redwood forests, and getting to the beach required a nice 0.6-mile hike along a stream bed and across a sand dune. It was worth all the effort, though!

A gorgeous beach that stretched for miles, and besides us, there was maybe only a dozen other people there. One couple had just found a big crab on the beach!

While the boys splashed in the water and my mom took in the views, Steven, Alexis and I walked to the north end, until the beach turns into rocky tide pools, where, thanks to Alexis’s keen eye, we saw thousands of mussels and a couple different kinds of sea urchins.

By the time we got back to the car, we had covered 2.8 miles – a nice distance for a casual hike!

I had to work on Monday, but I got up early and got a workout in first. Steven and Alexis live very close from a trail head that shoots straight up a mountain, and apparently 8am on Monday morning is not a popular time to hike, because I had the whole mountain to myself. I hiked up for 30 minutes, then hiked back, covering 2.5 miles and over 1,000 feet of elevation gain, all while watching the fog settle in over Lucas Valley.

By the time I got back, Alexis was making breakfast, a really ingenious idea she had seen online: she cooked a big skillet full of tomatoes, onions and riced cauliflower, then made wells in it, and pouched eggs in those wells.

I’ll be sharing the recipe for this in an upcoming post, too!

All in all, it was a really fun, packed, healthy trip. I’ll wrap this post up with one final photo: the Golden Gate Bridge, at 7:45am, as we headed to the stair race.

I could stare at that sky all day long!

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to Crabs, Beet Juice, and Other Highlights From My San Francisco Trip

  1. Nurse Karen says:

    How do they like the Omega juicer? I have a Breville, and it’s a mess to clean; I have to hang/tape towels around the walls or they get zinged with beet juice & end up looking like a crime scene…yummy, though. Love the photos. SF one of my favorite areas in the world…

    • David says:

      The love it! The first thing Alexis said was that it was easy to take apart and clean. And definitely no splatters on walls or clothes! Thanks for the kind words, I love the bay area too.

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