I Saw a T.J. Maxx Commercial, and It Inspired a 2.5 Hour Workout!

I love stairs so much… sometimes they make me dance!

That’s not just any dance, though. I’m recreating some moves seen on a brand new T.J. Maxx commercial, which features a model dancing on the very same step where I’m standing:

I saw the T.J. Maxx commercial while watching “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” I was about to hit my TiVo fast-forward button, but seeing stairs on TV gets my full attention each and every time!

You may recall that I have a long history of doing workouts inspired by stairs I see on television. I’ve done stair workouts based on a hit NBC show (“This Is Us”), a failed NBC show (“Welcome to the Family”), a chocolate milk commercial, and, most recently, a Khloe Kardashian reality show.

So when I saw the T.J. Maxx commercial, I knew I had to find those stairs. Here’s the ad:

Turns out I already knew them. They’re the Micheltorena stairs in Silver Lake, about 25 minutes from my home. I’ve been there before, but not in a few years – not since they got the colorful paint job, which is why I didn’t recognize them. This stairway spans two blocks, and has 205 steps.

I roped in my friend Madeleine, who lives about a mile from those stairs, and she helped me recreate the shots from the commercial. Oh, and we got in a killer workout. First, though, the other photo recreations:

Model smiling:

Me smiling:

Model’s dainty feet:

My gargantuan canoes:

There are loads of public stairways in Silver Lake, many within walking distance of the Micheltorena stairs, so Madeleine and I decided to hit as many as we can. We climbed each stairway twice, and ran from stairway to stairway as often as we could.

The most famous stairway we tackled was the Music Box Stairs, which has been seen around the world in a Academy-Award-winning 1932 Laurel & Hardy movie (read my post about it here), where the guys have to get a piano to the top of them. 133 steps.

In between Micheltorena and Music Box are the Descanso stairs, where another movie was filmed – 1945’s “It’s Your Move,” where two delivery men carry a washing machine up all 138 steps. (Watch a clip here.)

Right on the other side of Sunset Boulevard was another stairway with a fantastic paint job: the Hamilton stairs.

It has 90 stairs, and a piano has 88 keys, so that’s almost dead-on. And it only bothers me a little bit that the pattern of black keys and white keys is wrong.

On the Elevado stairway (102 steps), I tried my hand at sliding down the railing, which was fun and only slightly dangerous – but I came away unscathed.

The top of the Elevado stairs afforded a lovely view of downtown – including the skyscraper I raced up over the weekend.

From there, we jogged back north towards the reservoir and hit our final two stairways. First was Kenilworth (73 steps)…

…and lastly, the Tesla stairs (111 steps):

Our starting and stopping point was Madeleine’s house, where we relaxed on one last set of stairs – the ones leading to Madeleine’s porch. (What cool tiles!)

Have you been keeping track of those step counts? We climbed each one twice, for a grand total of 1,704 steps! (And another 1,704 steps coming down.) Our workout lasted 2 hours, 27 minutes. We weren’t active the entire time, but we didn’t really take any long breaks either. Most of our pauses were for photo ops. And we covered 5.6 miles! And I’d guess I ran about 2/3rds of that.

Not a bad day’s work – and all inspired by a discount retailer’s commercial! If you see cool stairs on TV, let me know!

Keep it up, David!


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