I’ve Signed Up For More Races… and Just Got Awesome Photos From Recent Ones!

The moment before I start a stair race, I’m calm, focused, and ready to go hard. Look – a professional photographer captured that moment!

Most of these races have an official photographer on hand, and a week or so afterward, you can go online and search and scroll through the galleries and check the pictures out. As the label in the corner says, this one is from the Big Climb Seattle, my most recent race, up 69 stories in the Columbia Center. Because of the dark background and the cool helix light fixture (which coils down to the floor below), it looks like this photo was taken at night. Nope! It was 8:30 in the morning.

I have some more photos like this to share, but first, I wanted to update my upcoming race calendar. I have two stair races in April – my fifth and sixth of 2017.

The first is this weekend, here in Los Angeles, in the 63-story Aon Center. This will be my sixth consecutive year racing at this event, and I WANT A PERSONAL RECORD SO BADLY! I haven’t PR’ed at Aon since 2014, so I’m overdue. I’ve been working hard and have kicked butt in my recent races, so I feel confident. And I’ve been beginning my recent workouts by repeating a phrase I saw on Instagram: PR or ER. That’s been helping me get in the mood.

Then, later this month, I’ll be competing in San Francisco. I’ve raced in San Francisco twice before, but this year it’s in a different building, so it’s like a brand-new race. The building is called 101 California, and it’s 48 stories. I’m excited for this race, because my 10-year-old nephew Eddie is climbing with me again. He did it last year, and was one of the youngest participants. Plus, my sister-in-law Alexis (Eddie’s mom) is doing it too! This will be her first stair race, but she going to do great, thanks to her illustrious history as a runner. Alexis has dozens of 5k, 10k, and half-marathon races under her belt. I can’t remember if she’s done a full marathon or not – but probably!

Both of these races are fundraisers for the American Lung Association. A couple friends have already made generous donations to get me to my fundraising goal for Los Angeles, but I need some help – $125 worth of help, to be specific – for the San Francisco race. I know I ask for donations frequently on here, so please forgive me for asking again… but if there’s any way you can contribute, I would be grateful. Plus, it’s tax-deductible and you’ll get a shout-out in my race recap afterward! CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION!

Now let’s get back to pictures! The Seattle photographer snapped one more photo of me, after the race, as I was getting off the elevator on the 40th floor, where the post-race snacks and expo was.

That’s the smile of a happy man!

Remember my Minneapolis race at the end of February? After the race, I was interviewed live on the local news. The segment wasn’t put online (bummer), but the official photographer nabbed a couple photos of me and Todd Walker, the reporter, during the interview.

I love the angle in this one, over the cameraman’s shoulder:

Lastly, the American Lung Association in Springfield, Illinois, mailed out a newsletter last week about that race, which included the winners, highlights, and stuff like that. Team Geninatti Gym, which I was a part of, was the largest team at the race (131 climbers), the Top Fundraising Team (almost $14,000), and the Fastest Gym Team. GO US!

And they included a picture of me on the back page of the newsletter!

Being super duper famous is fun! (Except for the paparazzi.)

Keep it up, David!


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2 Responses to I’ve Signed Up For More Races… and Just Got Awesome Photos From Recent Ones!

  1. Janet says:

    That is a determined look in the first picture-and a proud one at the end-I love following your races. Every time I go into a stairwell, I evaluate the difficulty (and I don’t run stairs…FYI!) Keep it up, friend!

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