April Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report – And March Too!

March came and went and I never published my weigh-in results. I’m not exactly sure what happened – I updated my chart and prepped the post, I just never got around to writing it. Between my travels and race recaps, it must have slipped between the cracks.

Oh well, I’ll catch up with this post, and do the reports for both months. First, let’s take a look at my weight loss chart:

I lost one pound in February, and gained it back in March. I’ve stayed in the same two-pound range for 8 months! Maintaining a weight loss is always a win. Always.

Plus, one glance at my whole chart tells the big picture: I’ve lost a helluva lot of weight, and it’s stayed gone!

My current weight puts me at 147 pounds lost and kept off!

Now for my workouts. You all know the drill: I log my workouts on my calendar. Since I have two months to cover, I’ll go through this quickly. My February calendar:

February stats:

  • 24 workouts in 28 days – an 85% completion rate, exactly where I want to be.
  • All 4 of my rest days were on Fridays!
  • I had 4 weightlifting workouts and 3 group exercise classes. I don’t have as much time to lift weights when I get into heavy cardio training mode for my races.

And here’s my March calendar:

March stats:

  • 28 workouts in 31 days – an 90% completion rate.
  • Only 3 rest days. I should have had four. I was planning to have one in Seattle, but then I ended up going on a 4.3-mile walk that day, so… yea… can’t count that as a rest day!
  • I had 2 weightlifting workouts and 2 group exercise classes.

Lastly, I calculate all the distance I cover doing any kind of cardio. I call this calculation ‘Cardio Miles’ (clever, huh?). The chart on the left is February, and the chart on the right is March:

In February, I added 31 miles to my total. (I was using my Max Trainer a lot, which doesn’t measure distance, so I don’t include it on this chart.) In March, I added 74.5 miles. That’s 105.5 new miles, bringing my total to 2,956.4 miles since I began tracking this three years ago.

For weeks, I thought I had completed my 3,000th mile in March, but my math was erroneous. So glad I caught that mistake, and I’ll have a milestone to celebrate very soon!

Keep it up, David!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Looks Great!

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