Anyone That Has (Or Wants) a Bowflex Max Trainer Should Check Out These Awesome New Workout Videos!

Have you ever done an exercise video that takes you through a workout on a piece of cardio equipment? I hadn’t. I didn’t even know such videos existed! But then I learned about the Daily Burn Max Trainer program, and guess what? It’s pretty cool.

Daily Burn is a subscription-based streaming workout video service that you can watch on your tablet, phone, laptop, or stream to your TV via services like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast (which is what I use). They have hundreds of workouts you can do, from yoga to strength training to all sorts of cardio and dance programs. In January, they launched Daily Burn Max Trainer specifically for Max Trainer customers, as a way to introduce them to their machine and teach them different ways to use it. Here’s me on my Max Trainer:

I’m not a new Max Trainer owner – I’ve had mine for a couple years – but I was particularly interested in these videos, because 1) they starred my buddy Tom Holland (a Bowflex Fitness Advisor) and 2) it’s easy to get in a rut with a piece of exercise equipment, so knowing more ways to use it is always a good thing.

The program is really intuitive and designed for people of all fitness levels. It’s an 8-week program, which is divided into four 2-week chunks. There are three videos per chunk, and you do each one twice. I know I just threw a lot of numbers at you, but it shakes out to be a relatively simple commitment: Three workouts a week, and nearly all of them are only 15-30 minutes.

I couldn’t commit to the full 8-week program, because I’m in the middle of a busy race season and that requires a lot of training, but I have done each and every one of the 12 videos.

A screengrab of the Daily Burn Max Trainer workout page.

Although anyone with a Max Trainer can benefit from this program, the ideal user is someone who just purchased their Max Trainer. And that’s because the first three workouts don’t even involve the Max Trainer – they feature bodyweight and cardio exercises that you can do while waiting for the Max Trainer to arrive. Clever!

My buddy Tom and fellow Bowflex Fitness Advisor Amy Dixon introducing a Bodyweight workout. Tom and Amy appear in the first video together, and then they take turns leading you through the rest.

The rest of the videos, after the bodyweight chunk is done, alternate between endurance workouts, interval workouts, and tempo workouts (which are kinda in-between the other two). They get progressively harder as you move through the 8 weeks.

There’s a neat graphic feature on most of the videos – a blue bar along the bottom that moves across the screen, and when the blue bar makes it all the way across, you’re done with that segment of the video and Tom and Amy move you on to the next.

Tom and Amy are encouraging throughout, offering advice and suggestions, and reminding people that it’s OK if you take breaks when you need them, or just do as much as they can and not give up.

Meanwhile, I liked working out with Tom – I haven’t seen him in real life in a while, and it’s really fun to see someone you know leading a workout video. (I’m lucky, I know a few people with workout videos. There’s Tom, and Richard Simmons of course, and I also have a Workout’s a Drag video starring my friend Craig.)

I managed to snag a photo of Tom on my TV during one of the cool-downs.

Even with a couple years of Max Trainer workouts under my belt, I still learned new things from these videos, like the benefits from using each of the three hand positions, and how to use the Max Trainer to stretch after a workout.

This is pretty cool, too: Max Trainer owners can get an 8-week complimentary trial to try out the program. Whether you’re a new or existing Max Trainer owner, CLICK HERE for more info and to register with Daily Burn.

For more info on the Max Trainer, check out this blog post, or visit the Bowflex website.

Meanwhile, I have a few more weeks of my trial, so I’m definitely gonna do some of these workouts again.

Keep it up, David!


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