The Simple Walking Workout That Wore Me Out

I don’t give myself a break from exercise after a race. No resting on my laurels here! Instead, I take a rest day on the day before, so I’m ready to go on race morning. That meant I was due for a workout the day after my hour-long stair race in Springfield, and I couldn’t skip it. Yes, I was achy and sore, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I decided to keep it easy and light… until I stepped on a cardio machine that had other ideas.

The machine is called a Mobia, and it was introduced by Nautilus in 2009. It takes a simple, familiar motion – walking – and ramps it up into a challenging cardio workout.

It’s kinda like a treadmill, but with two key differences:

  1. Each foot has it’s own conveyor belt, instead of one wide belt that both feet walk on.
  2. Each belt rises up to meet your foot when you’re walking, and then, when you step down, there’s a bit of resistance.

The result is a low-impact, incline walk that is more intense than expected. I also found that the two separate belts kept me feeling slightly off-balance a lot of the time, which made me naturally tighten my core. That’s more engaged muscles and more calories burned!

The Mobia isn’t designed for running – its top speed is four MPH. I hovered around three MPH for my workout, and, before long, I was sweating plenty.

My workout lasted 49 minutes. I kept going strong for 45, and then cooled down for those final moments. All I had wanted when I stepped on the Mobia was a light, breezy walk – just some activity under my belt before I sat on an airplane for five hours that evening. But by the time I stepped off, I was as sweaty as I am after a long session on my Max Trainer or in a stairwell. My shirt is soaked all the way down to my waist!

I was using my aunt’s Mobia – she’s been a fan since she bought it eight years ago. And for everyone out there interested in learning more about the Mobia, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Mobia is no longer available for sale. The good news is that the Mobia morphed and evolved in the Bowflex TreadClimber, which is very much still available for sale.

The TreadClimber is a much more high-tech, slicker version of the same machine. It has the two treads, the built-in low-impact, incline mechanisms, and a bunch of other features, like different workout programs, a display that tracks your heart rate, and an accompanying app that helps you set, monitor and reach your fitness goals. I use two other Bowflex apps, and it’s really fun to have all sorts of data at your fingertips.

Plus, Bowflex says that the TreadClimber can help you burn up to 2.5 times the calories as a regular treadmill, while staying easy on the joints. Pretty sweet. Learn more about the TreadClimber here.

The Mobia was a great final workout during my long weekend in Springfield. (See what else I did here.) And the workouts continued when I got back to Los Angeles. In fact, I’m heading out in a little while to go climb a skyscraper a few times. I gotta stay strong and in shape… my next stair race is only eight days away!

Keep it up, David!


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