My Appearance on “Nightline” Was Brief, But Here’s The Link!

I was recently interviewed by Nick Watt from ABC News, regarding my friendship with Richard Simmons, Slimmons, and the “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast, and the footage was included in a piece in “Nightline”!

I met Nick and the ABC News producer team in front of Slimmons – my first time there since the doors closed for good in November – and he interviewed me for about 15 minutes about the podcast, why Richard and Slimmons were so special, and my own weight loss.

Not surprisingly, most of the footage ended up on the editing room floor, but they did use a little bit of it, along with some photos I provided the producer. CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

You can also watch the full episode on the “Nightline” website – look for the 03/06/17 show in the “Full Episodes” carousel at the top. (There’s pictures of Obama and Trump on my episode, since the lead story was about the wiretapping claims, then the Richard story, then a story about Michael Jackson’s children).

I was told that the interview might also be used on “Good Morning America” this morning, but it looks like I didn’t make the cut for that one.

There’s been a ton of press about Richard and the podcast in the past 24 hours, since his publicist started speaking out against some of the more outrageous claims in the podcast, like Richard being held against his will. The claims aren’t new (they’re the same claims that made headlines a year ago), nor is Richard’s team’s denial of them (Richard denied them himself on the “Today” show). But they’re by far the most salacious component of Richard’s vanishing from the public eye, so I’m not surprised that it’s the angle that gets the most traction.

It is worth noting, though, that Richard’s camp has been completely silent on the podcast up until this point, nearly three weeks after the podcast premiered – and a full six days after the premiere of the episode that investigated those claims. Could it be there’s a lot about the podcast that they like? “Missing Richard Simmons” is addressing this situation with compassion, love and respect, and that can’t be denied. I’m proud to be a part of it, and I’m happy to promote it. It’s reinvigorating interest in a man who fundamentally changed fitness in the county, and taught millions of people how to change their lives for the better. I’m a product of Richard’s message and life’s work, and I couldn’t be prouder of that.

Keep it up, David!

Don’t forget to read my OTHER blog post from today… tons of photos from the fitness challenge I issued myself on my birthday!


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4 Responses to My Appearance on “Nightline” Was Brief, But Here’s The Link!

  1. Sybil goldrich says:

    You look fabulous!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, great coverage. Sad story.

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