Belated February Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Here’s a quick and fun update: My Facebook post about “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian” caught the attention of the trainer featured on that show! As you may recall, my last post was about how I was inspired by “Revenge Body” to exercise on the steepest street in town, because a scene from that show, featuring celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell, was filmed there. Latreal saw my Facebook post promoting it, and commented! Here’s the comment (and my response), and see the whole post here (and follow me on Facebook while you’re at it!):


Now… how do I get Khloe to see it and share it with her 18 million Facebook fans?

Moving on… This post definitely falls into the ‘Better Late Than Never’ category. It’s my February Weigh-in Results and Workout Progress Report. The tardiness just stems from being busy lately. I actually forgot to weigh myself on the first of the month, like I normally do, but I did it a few days later. And then it took me a couple more days – ok, ok, a solid week – to put this post together. But it’s here now. I’m sharing it with the world!

In January, I… lost one pound!


I need to lose more to get to where I was a year ago, but every pound is worth celebrating, no matter how many times I have to lose it. You’ll also see in that picture that I added my 7-Year Anniversary line to the chart. I’ve been at this for seven years, and that’s an incredible source of pride.

Seven years of charting my weight, too! 160 pounds lost and kept off. Here’s the whole chart:


It was a great month for workouts. I only took four rest days the entire month of January! See?


Every dot represents a workout, and there are only four days without dots. I may not have been a math major, but I still know what that means: I worked out 27 out of 31 days! That’s a 87% success rate – slightly above my 85% monthly goal. Rock on!

Nine of those workouts were weightlifting. I credit those to ongoing momentum created by the Bowflex 6 Week Challenge that I recently completed.

I also track the miles I cover doing cardio, and it was a good month for that, too.


  • Starting Mileage: 2791.8
  • Ending Mileage: 2850.9
  • Total New Miles in January 2017: 59.1

A great start to the new year!

Keep it up, David!


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