A Big Time Announcement: My Next Four Stair Races!

Stair race season is in full swing. I’ll probably compete in eight events between now and this summer. A few of those are up in the air at the moment, but I can definitely announce my first four races of 2017, and I’m pumped!


I love competing in new venues. I only added one new building to my list during the winter and spring months last year (Republic Plaza in Denver). This year, though, I’m doing as many new races as I can. In fact, every single one of the four races below is a new-to-me building or a new-to-me city… or both!

I’m also extremely excited to announce that Bowflex is my sponsor for all four of these races (and a couple more races after these, too). It’s the second year they’ve sponsored me. I use (and love) their products to stay on top of my game – I recently finished a 6 Week Challenge with my SelectTechs, and my Max Trainer whoops my butt every time I use it – and I’m honored to have their support.

My Bowflex Sponsorship will help cover travel costs and registration fees, but these races are fundraisers as well, and that’s where you come in. I need your help! Below you’ll see links where you can donate to charities on my behalf. Will you please support me and some awesome causes?

No more dilly-dallying. Here are the races!


Minneapolis Fight For Air Climb. On 2/25, I’ll race in Minneapolis for the very first time. I’ll be doing an Ultimate Climb – where I see how many times I can climb a 31-story stairwell in an hour. That’s 60 minutes of continuous climbing! (Excluding the elevator rides back down in between climbs.) This race benefits the American Lung Association, and I need to raise $100 to compete. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Hustle Up The Hancock (Chicago). I’ve raced in two Chicago skyscrapers (Sears/Willis Tower and 300 N. LaSalle), but this will be my first time racing up the iconic John Hancock Center. It’s 94 stories! This is happening on 2/26 – that’s right, one day after the Minneapolis race. That will be an intense weekend! This race benefits the Respiratory Health Association, but guess what? I covered the fundraising for this race myself – so you guys are off the hook!

Springfield Fight For Air Climb. Springfield, Illinois seems like a random place for a stair climb, but there’s a 32-story hotel there, and a big race every year. I have family in Springfield, and I’ve climbed the stairs there for fun once, but never during a race. This race is on 3/12, and I’m currently signed up for the one-time climb. There’s also an Ultimate Climb (where you see how times you can climb it in an hour), and I’m on the waiting list for that. So send good vibes, in addition to a donation, because I want in on that Ultimate Climb so badly! I need to raise $100 for the American Lung Association in order to compete in either event. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Big Climb Seattle. I’ve raced in the Space Needle and Rainier Tower, but Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle (69 stories!), and on 3/26, I’ll be racing the stairs for the first time. This is one of the largest stair races in the world – 6,000 participants – so I’m eager to get this one under my belt. I need to raise $150 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – a cause that’s important to me, as my grandmother died from a type of blood cancer. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!


Thank you so much for even considering making a donation, and mucho bonus points if you share this post with your friends or on social media. I’m so grateful for every dollar that’s donated, and in addition to private thank you emails to every donor, I also include my donors’ names in the race recaps – so this is your chance to get mentioned on this very website! (I don’t know if that’d be a thrill for anyone or not, but I’ll put it out there anyway!)

Meanwhile, my training is in full swing. I take these racing commitments very seriously. If I’m gonna register, fundraise, and travel for a race, you better believe I’m gonna be prepared and give that race everything I’ve got. Anything less is simply not acceptable!

Keep it up, David!


Follow me! I’m @keepitupdavid on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and I’m on Google+ too! There’s also a “Sign Me Up” box on this page (at the top of the right-hand column) where you can subscribe to receive new posts via email!

One Response to A Big Time Announcement: My Next Four Stair Races!

  1. MJ Stromberg says:

    So excited that you are coming to Minneapolis (where I live) You are a constant inspiration for me to keep me at my maintenance weight. I just donated!

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